Avancer Ultra-thin Diapers



Avancer Ultra-thin Diapers available in small size and medium sizes

One of the biggest fears of mothers is when their babies develop rashes on ‘bumbum’ as a result of the diapers they use on their babies.

This was also one of my concerns as a mother as I never wanted my baby to have this terrible experience.

So I choosed Greenleaf Organic diapers because of the numerous testimonies I heard. And now, I can tell you that with Greenleaf diapers, my baby has never for once develop any rashes on her ‘bumbum.’ (Testimony of a user of Avancer Ultra-thin Diapers)

That’s not all, with this diapers you baby’s bumbum will always be dry a whole day. You can only change when the baby defecates.

The amazing thing is that it’s good on all skin types.

Introducing– Avancer Ultra-thin Baby Diapers
100% organic and tender on skin.
No rashes on baby skin.
Better retention

Small size- 82 Pieces
Medium– 68 Pieces
Each diaper is N6,500




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