Having long hair is a desire that many people have. Whether it’s for the sake of beauty or just to experiment with different hairstyles, long hair can be a great asset. However, growing hair 19 inches long requires time, patience, and dedication. It’s not something that can happen overnight. But with the right techniques, care … Read more


Frizzy hair is a common problem faced by many people, especially those with curly or wavy hair. Frizz occurs when the hair cuticle is raised, allowing moisture to enter and swell the hair shaft, resulting in a puffy, unruly appearance. Since dry hair is more prone to frizz than hair that’s naturally more oily or … Read more

Clown Makeup: Types, Materials & Procedure

Clown Makeup

Clown makeup has grown from being used as a halloween costume to creative makeup styles. It is not uncommon to see people rocking clown makeup to themed parties, during creative makeup contests or just wearing them to scare others. Initially, clown makeup was used by performers who tell jokes, juggle oranges or do things that … Read more

3 Ballerina Tea Reviews

3 Ballerina Tea Reviews

In this post, we’ll discuss 3 Ballerina tea reviews and why many people are obsessed over this herbal tea. Ballerina tea is different from other traditional herbal teas. It’s not made from a single product but an infusion of different spices and herbs. WHAT IS 3 BALLERINA TEA? 3 ballerina tea is a herbal tea … Read more

Greenleaf Biotech Compensation Plan

Greenleaf Biotech Compensation Plan

Greenleaf Biotech compensation plan allows you to earn in Six (6) different ways. Here is how Greenleaf Biotech Compensation plan works, let’s take a look at the various ways of making money in Greenleaf Biotech; Team Building Bonus Group Grow Bonus Sales Balance Bonus Leadership Bonus Maintaining Bonus Welfare Incentives 1. TEAM BUILDING BONUS Entry … Read more

How to Join Greenleaf Biotech

Join Greenleaf Biotech

Joining Greenleaf Biotech makes you a BOSS, a DISTRIBUTOR, and an IMPORTER and also makes you financially stable for life. Join NOW, whatsapp 09079508492 Becoming a member in Greenleaf biotech is very easy with four simple steps. STEP 1) KNOW ABOUT THE PACKAGES Greenleaf biotech has six (6) packages with amazing compensation plans, CLICK HERE … Read more

Greenleaf Service Center Locations in Nigeria

Greenleaf Service Center Locations in Nigeria Greenleaf Service Centers help in registering new members who are willing to become Greenleaf distributors and Service Center owners. Also in Greenleaf Service Centers, members and even non-members can buy any Greenleaf product at anytime. But only members will buy at distributors price. Warri Office Army Estate, R53 Flat … Read more

Greenleaf the Latest Networking Business in Nigeria

Latest Networking Business in Nigeria

Greenleaf Biotech: The latest Networking Business in Nigeria Here comes the latest Networking Business in Nigeria for your financial freedom. Sign up with Greenleaf Biotech International and INSTANTLY Get “FREE VOUCHERS” As Product Discount Voucher In Your Account. To enable you buy products at affordable price Dear friend, I want to introduce the latest Networking business in … Read more

What is Greenleaf

What is Greenleaf

What is Greenleaf? Greenleaf is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures over 4000 daily organic consumable products. It is a multi-billion dollar company with an initial investment capital of 22 billion dollars. Greenleaf headquarter is in China and branch offices are in over 50 countries spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, and recently entering AFRICA. It … Read more