Greenleaf Biotech is a Chinese company that deals mostly with beauty products and daily consumables, house hold items etc. They produce pure organic products that are 100% natural with no side effects.

Greenleaf Products fall under 8 Major Products Categories namely;

Beauty Care, Household and furnitures, bathroom and kitchen, clothing, Maternity and Child care

Here are the list of all Greenleaf Biotech Products and their functions

1. Greenleaf Baby Diapers

Greenleaf baby diapers come in different sizes. Sizes range form small to medium and to large. They also come in portable packs with reduced quantity.

This is the first bio-organic breathable diapers. It gives babies double protection and is originally from plant source. Greenleaf baby diaper surface layer is in a weak acid state to help make the baby’s skin able to absorb moisture. And doesn’t have any negative reaction to the baby’s delicate skin. Also it absorbs urine and still remains dry for a long periods.

2. Krill Oil

Krill Oil

Greenleaf Krill oil is good for brain health, heart health, eye health and general health. It eliminate cholesterol from the blood and enhance cognitive ability.

3. Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster

Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster

Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster is Greenleaf best cosmetic product for the facial skin. Read more

4. Carich Baby Cleasing Wipes (80 pieces)

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