Greenleaf Rose Black Tea




Greenleaf Rose black tea is an effective weight loss and flat tummy tea that helps reduce the fat level in our body.

It’s a superior cup of tea that cleanses and detoxifies the gastrointestinal tract. It has potential for fibroid elimination if taken consistently.

It soothes pains and relieves stress.

Health Benefits of Nilrich Rose Black Tea

The fresh and elegant taste of rose tea can ease emotion and relieve depression.

It also has the function of improving endocrine, relieving back pain, and helping heal wound.

Nourishing and beautifying skin, liver protection, nourishing stomach, eliminating fatigue and promoting blood circulation function.

It can be used to help treating chronic gastritis and hepatitis. It can protect liver and spleen.

It can treat the cold pain in the stomach and constipation, regulating female physiology.

The most important function is its beauty effect. After drinking regularly. It can remove the black spots on the skin, making the skin bright white, and preventing wrinkles.

Because the rose tea has a strong fragrance, it has good effect in treating halitosis, and it can also improve sleep after drinking regularly for a long time. Rose tea also helps digestion and eliminate fat.

Drinking after meals can make the best effect.






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