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Group Grow Bonus is calculated daily on group volume. Every new registration of $350 (N130,000)=275pv. 275pv=1 unit. 1 unit (meaning one registration) = $22. To earn the group bonus, the total number of registrations made daily on your smaller is multiplied by $22.

For example, if your smaller leg makes 20 registrations in a day, that 20 will be multiplied by $22, and your earnings for that day will be calculated as 20 x $22 =$440

Note: The maximum daily earnings for the group bonus is $529. So, you can earn maximum of $529 daily, $3,703 weekly and $7,406 monthly. So to earn the $529 daily income, you or your team members must register at least 24 people on your lesser leg for that day.

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