Charcoal String Toothbrush (2 in 1)



Carich Charcoal String Toothbrush is a healthy toothbrush

Carich toothbrush is a Charcoal activated toothbrush made from BAMBOO which is very different from the conventional toothbrushes.
The difference is that our bristles are infused with charcoal rather than being standard nylon/synthetic bristles that simply sweep and capture bacteria and debris.

Health Benefits of CARICH charcoal String Toothbrush

Absorbs plaque.

It also absorbs and binds bacteria together and a microscopic level to reduce and remove from the mouth compared to a conventional toothbrush that scapes and sweeps this away.
Reduces tooth staining or whitens teeth.
The activated charcoal in the bristles of the brush absorbs the tannins that bind to your teeth and cause stains.Reduces bad breath & odour.
It is 100℅ Natural.
100% Organic. no chemicals.

What is the Price of CARICH charcoal String Toothbrush in Nigeria

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Where to buy CARICH charcoal String Toothbrush

This product is available here in Greenleaf Biotech.


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