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Greenleaf Biotech: The latest Networking Business in Nigeria

Here comes the latest Networking Business in Nigeria for your financial freedom. Sign up with Greenleaf Biotech International and INSTANTLY Get N560,000 or N186,200 “FREE MONEY” As Product Discount Voucher In Your Account

Dear friend,

I want to introduce the latest Networking business in Nigeria, Greenleaf Biotech International. So please bear with me and read this article to the end. I promise you won’t regret it.

I’m here to show you a system that has worked for me and all the people that have joined this business through our platform. I also want to show you how you can make money daily via investing in Greenleaf Biotech.

Let’s go,

The first thing that shocked me when I join this company was that I got FREE “N560,000 product voucher that landed in my account after registration. Amazing right?

Let me explain,

When you register, you’ll get “FREE Money” in the form of product voucher in your account.

You can then use this FREE voucher to get 50% discounts when you order any other product from the company’s mall or from any Greenleaf Service center.

Greenleaf Biotech is the only Network Marketing company that is giving her new members free vouchers even without referring anyone to the business.

The good news now is that depending on your entry level, you can also get FREE Money in voucher form valued at N186,000 ($490) into your account to buy products at a 50% rate.

There are 7 Other Proven Ways to Earn Money using Greenleaf MLM Company.

You’ll discover more as you read on.
This MLM is much easier than all the other networking businesses in Nigeria or around the world.

I know that’s a HUGE claim, but you’ll see it’s a FACT as you read to the end of this article.

Another interesting thing that is exciting about this company is that their products are daily consumables:

Meaning that we use these products everyday and so, you do not worry about selling the products. More so, products are organic and are very affordable despite the good quality and effectiveness.

Another reason why this is the easiest network marketing business in Nigeria and around the world is this:

You only have to Refer 2 persons

Interestingly, Greenleaf Networking Business runs a BINARY SYSTEM allowing you to only refer 2 persons into your network. An the good part is whether you directly refer or not, you will still earn because of spill overs that may come from your up line.

  1. Return on investment
  2. Group Bonus
  3. Sales Bonus
  4. Voucher Bonus
  5. Retail Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus
  7. Welfare Bonus
  8. Star Director Incentives

Who is Greenleaf Biotech?

Greenleaf Biotech Office Location in China

Greenleaf biotechnology international company is a multi-million dollar company which has been in existence for about 23 years. It is a Chinese company that deals with the production of quality daily consumable organic products

Latest Network Marketing Business in Nigeria

Greenleaf has over 4500 amazing products and a compensation plan that’s second to none.

Latest Network Marketing Business in Nigeria

Greenleaf has 9 brand series of Products which include;

  • Carich
  • Sealuxe
  • Nilrich
  • Kardli
  • ILife
  • Avancer
  • Green-pai
  • Marvisia
  • Chanery etc

Greenleaf is the first company to produce first organic prohealth baby diaper globally.
Greenleaf has products for children, men and women etc.

With our products, you can make 150% gain through sales

Greenleaf Biotech Compensation Plan.

There are EIGHT (8) different ways to earn money daily, weekly and monthly respectively with Greenleaf Biotech.

Note: This is ONLY applicable to those who register as VIPs

  1. Return on investment
  2. Group Bonus
  3. Sales Bonus
  4. Voucher Bonus
  5. Retail Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus
  7. Welfare Bonus
  8. Star Director Incentives
  1. Return on investment:

This means the company is giving you back your N130,000 ($350) each time someone drops on your tree directly or indirectly. Here, you will earn $1.5 which is N570 until you get up to 130k back.

Please note Greenleaf exchange rate is $1 equals N380.

2. Group Bonus:

Here the company pays (N7,500) $22 on your weaker or lesser leg each time someone drops there. $529 is the limit per day on your weaker leg.

3. Sales Bonus:

This is the binary or pairing bonus which is $88 per generation. You earned unlimited amount on sales bonus daily.

4. Voucher Bonus:

You earn 2% of online products purchased with vouchers from all your directly sponsored partners. You earn up to your 40th generations.

5. Retail Bonus:

When you buy PV products of 15pv as a distributor and as a manager 45pv from 1st to 19th of every month, you can earn 1% of PV goods bought by downlines from 1st generation till infinity

No limit to retail bonus.

6. Leadership bonus:

Whenever you get to a particular rank in Greenleaf you are paid monthly. Leadership bonus begins when you become a Manager in Greenleaf. As a manger, you are given 3% global profit, 1% travel funds and 30% Group volume.

Your monthly pay out as a Manager in Greenleaf is minimum N1,000,000

7. Welfare Bonus:

About 2% of whatever the company makes is given out as points monthly which is 1unit = $100 . This is for people who rank as a manager and above.

8. Star Director Incentives:

About 1% of global sales is kept aside for you. 15% of global sales for your car fund, house fund and trips fund.

There’s so much money to be earned in Greenleaf.


There are ONLY 2 bonuses for this entry level

  1. Sponsor Bonus

Here you will the company pay you $30 dollars for each person you register or refer to the Business. But once the person upgrade to the VIP package, you will receive another $10 each if you had registered as a VIP.

2. Return Bonus

Return Bonus pays you $30 per each person on your leg, and since it’s a BINARY system you will have two persons making it $30 x 2 = $60 which is equals to N22,800.

Note: If you register with 130,000 and you refer 2 persons each with 45,ooo, you will be paid the same N22,800 ($30).

Why GreenLeaf Is Better Than Other Network Marketing Businesses

  • No Flushing of points (you dont lose your points)
  • Auto ship is optional (you are not forced to buy products monthly)
  • No sales target from the company…… you set sales target for yourself.
  • You choose your products
  • Daily payment

Why You Should Join Greenleaf, the Latest Networking Business NOW?

To join RIGHT now, and get started today, join this Whatsapp group

  • Get paid daily from N38,000 upward till infinity. Payment is every 24 hours
  • Refer ONLY 2 people to join under you
  • Get either FREE N186,200 or N560,000 vouchers immediately after your registration to enable you buy products of your choice. (FREE Money)
  • Selling of products is optional.
  • No blocking of members.
  • Decides where to place your spill overs in your tree.
  • Service center bonus when registering new members.
  • Mercedes Benz Car incentives.
  • Leadership incentives.
  • Trip incentives.
  • Scholarship incentives.
  • Star director incentives.

To join RIGHT now, and get started today, join this Whatsapp group

How to Register in Greenleaf Biotech

There are basically two entry levels in Greenleaf Biotech

  1. The VIP valued at N130,000 and
  2. The Pre-common Card valued at N45,000Newly launched package

Registration comes with a starter pack of your choice and free vouchers worth N560,000 and N186,200 depending on whether you register with VIP or Pre-common card.

Before now, the registration in Greenleaf Biotech was just one entry level of 130k but the company has decided to release the smaller package for mutual benefits of everyone.

For VIP registration, you will get;

 N560K (Free product Voucher) when you register

Plus all the products in the starter pack. (That’s 560k +130K worth of value).

For Pre-common card, you will get;

About N186,200 (free product Voucher)

Plus starter pack products (That’s Approx 186k + 45k worth of value) and

An instant cash of $40 ($30 which can be withdrawn and $10 for buying PV products) even without referring a single person. NO COMPANY DOES THIS!!

For more information and to get answers to any question you have, join our WhatsApp training group or Call/Whatsapp me directly on 08153700971

Click This Link To Join the GREENLEAF Biotech Nigeria WhatsApp Group

What Do You Get When You Register and Join Greenleaf Biotech?

You’ll get a starter PACK containing the following products. You are free to choose your package on registration

VIP Registration of N130,000 (275 PV)


Carich Baby Cleansing Wipes (1 unit)

EasyLove perfume (Star) (1 unit)

Easylove Blossom Perfumes (2 units)

Sealuxe – Ultimate Renewing Tightening Mask (1 unit)

Youth Genesis (Intensive Booster) (1 unit)

Carich – Algal Fluoride- Free Tooth (2 units)

Kardli – Multi-Function Electrolyte Water (1 unit)

Laundry detergent ( 1 unit)


Carich Baby Cleansing Wipes (1 unit)

EasyLove perfume (Star) (1 unit)

Easylove Blossom Perfumes (2 units)

Sealuxe – Ultimate Renewing Tightening Mask (1 unit)

Antarctic Krill oil Gelatinized Confections (1 bottle)

Carich – Algal Fluoride- Free Tooth (2 units)

Kardli – Multi-Function Electrolyte Water (1 unit)

Laundry detergent (1 unit)

Pre-common Card Registration of 45,000 (90 PV)

You are free to choose one package


iLife Shea Butter soap (1 unit)

CARICH Bamboo Facial Tissues (1 unit)

iLife SOD face cream (1 unit)

Ultra-thin Sanitary Napkin (1 unit)

Krill Oil (1 bottle)


iLife Fresh & Cool Hydrating shower gel (1 unit)

iLife Seaweed Toothpaste (1 unit)

iLife SOD Face Cream (1 unit)

Aloe Vera Gel (50g) (1 unit)

iLife Dish Washing Liquid (Lemon Scent)- 1 unit

Ultra-thin Sanitary Napkin (1 unit)

Women & Baby Cleaning Wipes (80 pieces)- 1 unit

EASY LOVE Star Perfume (1 unit)

To Succeed in Any Networking Business, you need to Join an active and a vibrant TEAM

You need to join a team that is constantly marketing and helping others make progress in the business.

You need to join this network business through uplines who are seriously marketing this business, so they can put downlines under YOU.

A typical example is the Greenleaf team you should join is ‘TEAM HIGHFLYERS’. We are the ones running this website. And we recruit new members daily.

We also train our new members to duplicate the process and we help them to also build a robust team and become Top leaders

All new registrations come under our downlines. You’ll get the same treatment.

To Join Our TEAM HIGHFLYERS Training Group HERE

GREENLEAF TEAM HIGHFLYERS are continually changing the approach to network marketing to help and support others who join our team to succeed.

We are helping our team members to grow by placing spill overs under them. So, once we have a new registration, we place them under our down lines.

Also, we feature our downlines phone numbers directly on this website so that new persons can contact them directly for sign ups and buying products. And so far, we have recorded massive growth in the number of new sign ups per day.

We also advertise shop locations of our team members who join us as SERVICE CENTERS. And we also give our service center owners new registration orders.

If you really want to succeed in Greenleaf Network Marketing, you need to join TEAM HIGHFLYERS. We are just 3 months old in Greenleaf and we are taking over. JOIN OUR TEAM TODAY.

Finally, don’t forget to connect with Greeneaf Biotech Nigeria- TEAM HIGHFLYERS via this Whatsapp group.

Or speak with the LEADER of TEAM HIGHFLYERS on 08153700971 (Call or Whatsapp)

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