7 Best Underarm Whitening Cream

The best underarm whitening cream is needed for those with dark armpits, this cream can give you the confidence to wear sleeveless tops or even raise your hands while in public without being embarrassed of how dark your armpits are. Best underarm whitening cream treats the dark areas, hydrate them and make them brighter. The cream is safe and made with ingredients that can nourish the skin, they are free from chemicals and harsh ingredients.

What Causes Dark Underarm

There are some factors that can make the underarm to become darker than the rest of the body.

1. Bad hygiene

Improper care of the body can cause buildup of bacteria and micro-organisms, these bacteria makes the skin around the underarm to become dark.

2. Hyperpigmentation

The skin produces melanin, a pigment that helps protect the cells from sun damage and give color to the hair, eyes and skin. When there is excess production of this melanin, it results to hyperpigmentation. Inflammation, razor cuts and too much exposure to sun can lead to hyperpigmentation developing underarm.

3. Hormonal Changes

Taking products that change the hormones or even pregnancy can lead to changes in the hormones. These changes can lead to excess production of melanin and skin darkening around the underarm, upper lips or neck.

4. Friction

The underarm can become dark if the skin is rubbed too much or if friction occurs in this area.

5. Effects of chemicals

Some skin products like deodorants contain chemicals and alcohol that cause irritation and darken the underarm. This is why it is recommended to use skin care products that are alcohol free or are made with gentle ingredients.

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The Best and Safe Underarm Whitening Cream That Have Been Dermatology- tested

You should use the best underarm whitening cream that will be gentle on your skin and not cause further irritation. Look for products that are infused with skin nourishing ingredients, gentle to the skin even if the result takes some time to show on the skin. Harsh and harmful creams will only add more problems to your skin.

Some best underarm whitening creams are:

1. Xtreme Brite Brightening Gel

This cream comes in a gel formula and can also moisturize the skin. Xtreme cream is made with salicylic acid and licorice extracts, these ingredients exfoliate the skin while gradually changing the darken underarm. They do not irritate the skin or leave rashes after use. Xtreme can be used on other sensitive parts of the skin which means the product is safe. One downside to their product is that it is not easily seen or available. The cream is also expensive.

2. Qraa Advanced Lacto Dark Underarm Whitening Cream

Qraa underarm whitening cream contains licorice extracts, witch hazel and kojic acid. These ingredients reduce how melanin is produced in the underarm area without irritating the skin. The cream also has exfoliating features. Xtreme can be used by all skin types, it has a nice fragrance and is non greasy.

3. Beautilo Advanced Brightening Whitening Cream

This product has Vitamin C and Alpha Arbutin that can brighten dark skin. Not only does Beautilo treat underarm, it can also moisturize and even the tone of the skin. The product has no paraben and can be used on other body parts like legs, knees and nipples. It can also help in eliminating body odor and tone the skin evenly. However, this product cannot be used by everyone as it tends to cause rashes and allergic reactions.

4. Dot & Key Underarm Color Correction Serum

Dot and Key is formulated with bearberry and peony, it gives out a nice floral fragrance too. This product has been tested by dermatologists as a product without paraben and that tackles hyperpigmentation, the reduced melanin production will help the underarm to brighten with time.

It can be used by all skin types, and make the underarm to have the same skin tone as other parts of the body. If you are looking for a product that can give you fast results, then Dot and Key is not for you as the product takes time before the result starts to show.

Underarm Whitening Cream

5. Seer Secrets Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream

Seer Secrets is not just a deodorant but a whitening cream as well. It keeps your underarm fresh, moisturized, odorless and brightens the dark areas. The deodorant features does not limit the product to only the underarm, it can be used on the toes, neck and sensitive parts.

One best feature of this cream is that the deodorant feature can last the 6 hours, that is enough time for the whitening effects to start processing. Seer Secrets can cause reactions to those who are allergic to citrus fruits and products. Also, you may notice notice white film on your skin after using the product.

6. Deaux Intense Glowing Underarm

Deaux can brighten the underarm and tone the skin evenly. It is safe for the skin as it is made with plant-based ingredients that gives it a nice fragrance and a cooling sensation. The product can also be used on the neck, nipples, knees, elbows and private parts. Deaux has the ability to hydrate and soften the skin. One downside of the product is that it takes time before the results will start to show.

7. Sanctus Underarm Whitening & Sweat Reduction Cream

Sanctus prides itself in the fact that it is free of paraben, mineral oil, SLS and can remove dead cells. It can effectively brighten and even the tone of the skin. The product also act as an antiperspirant that can reduce how much you sweat and the odor that emits from the armpits. It can be used on other parts of the body. The product can cause irritation as it contains aluminum chloride.

8. AsaVea Advanced Brightening Cream With Collagen

AsaVea is enriched with hydrolyzed collagen, glycerol, and bamboo charcoal, these ingredients can brighten, hydrate and nourish the underarm. It comes with a nice fragrance and can repair damaged skin. It can be used in other parts of the body apart from the armpits.

Other best underarm whitening cream that are safe for the skin you can use are:

  1. Nifeishi Whitening Cream With Collagen
  2. Elaimei Whitening Cream For Sensitive Areas
  3. Aliver Whitening Cream For Sensitive Areas
  4. Ocamo Whitening Cream
  5. Pureauty Natural Skin Lightening Serum
  6. Yiitay Whitening Cream
  7. Bellezon Whitening Cream
  8. Toullgo Fresh And Natural VC Armpit Whitening Cream

Best Underarm Whitening Cream Review

Most of these creams are on many online stores and there have been people who have used each of them. From the reviews they dropped on these sites, these products are effective and worked for them. Some of the things that are loved by most of these products are the fragrance and the even toning of the skin. The texture and consistency of the cream makes it easier to be applied on the body.

Most record results after few weeks. However, some of the creams do not give fast results, they require being consistent and using them before bedtime for the results to be seen very well. If you need a cream with fast result, you can check other customer’s reviews to know how much it will take for you to see changes.


Wearing sleeveless tops or raising up the arms in public is embarrassing for some people because of how dark their underarm are. You should know that this condition can be treated with the products. We have listed some best underarm whitening cream that you can use. Read the label of each product to know the ingredients used to avoid allergic reactions and irritation of the skin.