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Suzhou Greenleaf Biotech is a Chinese company located in Xushuguan Industrial Park of Suzhou National High-tech Zone, China with the registered capital of 22 million dollars.

It is a modern master piece building and a high-tech group that incorporates scientific research, production and manufacturing, international cooperation, brand promotion and marketing.

The Cosmetic Industrial Park of Greenleaf Sci & Tech Group costs a total investment of  68million dollars and covers an area of 4800㎡ and the total construction area is of 106,800 square meters.

The Cosmetic Industrial Park is the biological beauty industry base. Its total production capacity is expected of 80,000 tons per year. The whole production center has been certificated by ISO9001 and the international GMP and the clean standard of its manufacturing workshop is of Grade 100,000 and Grade 10,000.

It is worthy to noted that the manufacturing line adopts the advanced production equipment from Germany, France and Italy as well as the international leading quality control system.

Based on the independent research and development of the daily chemical products in the past 20 years, Greenleaf Biotech Sci & Tech Group has been unremittingly upgrading its strength and has gradually developed into the scientific pioneer in Chinese daily chemical industry. Its also the leading industry that manufactures pure organic products.

Greenleaf Biotech has successively in-cooperates with the international Italian cosmetics giant INTERCOS Group and Switzerland CRB — Swiss National Skin Care Research Center. Greenleaf Sci & Tech Group has been jointly devoted to the high-end research and development of the international cosmetics industry.

Greenleaf adopts advanced international scientific research, world-class manufacturing technique and strict quality management and control system to run its production.

The Manufacturing Center of Greenleaf Sci & Tech Group has been launching diversified product series as SEALUXE, iLife, Kardli, Carich, Nilrich, Chanery, Green-Pai and Easy-Love which are favored by consumers.

Greenleaf Biotech was officially granted the direct marketing license by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China in March 16, 2016.

With the substantial support and concern of the Party and the national government, Greenleaf will operate in accordance with the law and develop at a high speed, initiating a booming way with spirit of the time and features of Greenleaf.

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Greenleaf, Born for Beauty


To make the public healthy, pretty, wealthy and happy

Corporate Value

Harmony with concordance, altruism to oneself; Integrity and dedication, passion and innovation

Corporate Prospect

1. Become the best global employer

2. Become the largest high-quality and reasonable price service platform

3. Become the targeted charity practitioner in China

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