10 Best Fruity Perfumes

Best fruity perfumes

Best fruity perfumes seems to be perfect fragrance for scents that last long and complements our outfits for varieties of outings and occasions. Here in this article, we’ve carefully selected sophisticated fruity scents that blend fruits with more alluring fragrance notes that are complex, highly attractive, and delectable. BEST FRUITY PERFUMES 1. Gucci Guilty Love Edition: Gucci … Read more

Method Men Body Wash: 5 Types, Benefits & ingredients

Method Men Body Wash

Method men body wash can handle your grubby sides. It’s made without parabens and phthalates and is loaded with the goodness of naturally derived ingredients as well as plant-based cleansers that deliver the type of clean you want from an everyday wash. Method men body wash features an outdoorsy scent that makes you feel like … Read more

8 Best Sweet Smelling Perfumes

Best sweet smelling perfumes

The best sweet smelling perfumes have become a signature scent for many especially the fruity floral fragrance. If you are a fan of perfumes and are looking out for the best sweet smelling perfumes to make you stand out and attractive, then you’ve come to the right place. We are going to be talking about … Read more

5 Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Best hair extensions for fine hair

Achieving long, thick, and full hair is mostly based on genetics and hard work. It is hard work in the sense that you need to use products for hair growth and you need to exercise patience. Almost every lady wants to have long hair like Rapunzel, but very few are interested in putting in the … Read more

What Does Sea Salt Spray Do For Hair

What is sea salt spray and what does sea salt spray do for hair?  “Sea salt spray” is a hairspray that contains only water and salt. This combination of water and salt adds volume and texture to the hair when sprayed, making one’s hair look like the beachy waves one gets from a quick dip … Read more

Peach Rings: Procedures, 5 Best Brands and More

peach rings

Peach rings are one of the most popular kick sugar candies, this is because they are sweet and tangy. These rings, when made need to contain added sugar and alcoholic sugar. Peach rings can be made into different flavors. These rings are made from the following ingredients: Modified food starch (potatoes), corn syrup, fumaric acid, … Read more

Pill Lipstick: 3 Fascinating Benefits, Uses And More

pill liptick

Pill lipstick is a colored substance which people apply to their lips that comes in the form of a pill. Pill lipstick is also called capsule lipstick and it comes in different shades. Applying lipstick on the mouth is not something that can be overemphasized because of its outstanding benefits. This lipstick is not gender … Read more

Ahava Hand Cream: 5 Benefits, Ingredients, Reviews

Ahava Hand Cream

Ahava hand cream is a light but luxuriously rich hand cream that keeps the skin and cuticle protected from harmful elements. Ahava products are made with  natural ingredients that are sourced from nature, and not from Genetically Modified Organisms(GMOs). Ahava hand cream endure strict allergy testing and are approved for sensitive skin.  AHAVA HAND CREAM INGREDIENTS … Read more