25 Best Black Lipstick You Should Use

Black lipsticks, just like black jewels, clothes, shoes, cars, gadgets, etc., are exceptionally cool. It can be intimidating and dramatic, but it is worth the while and the stares. Your lips get to do the talking. A black lipstick goes well with light makeup, and it looks good on any body type. You can get the best and wear it perfectly. It does not have to look scary at all. In this article, you are not just going to know how good a black lipstick is, you will get the best black lipstick to choose from.



This gloss lipstick is a semi dark color that needs to be applied at least twice for a deep and even look. Because it is glossy, it gives a wet and satin effect, but it is not sticky or tacky. It is necessary that you line your lips using a lip liner before you use this lipstick.


This is a long lasting dark lipstick with a glossy shine. It is neither too dry nor too moist. It is just neutral. It is necessary that you outline your lips before applying it to your lips to prevent it from moving out of place.


This is a matte formula lipstick that is creamy and does not dry up on your lips. It stays and keeps your lips evenly smooth all day.

4. MAC RETRO MATTE LIQUID LIPCOLOR IN CAVIAR: This matte lipstick has a good pigmentation. It can also be used as a lip liner. It lasts for eight (8) hours without a touch up.

5. SEPHORA CREAM LIP STAIN LIQUID LIPSTICK IN 28 NIGHT BIRD: This is one of the best black lipstick, it does not leave a stain. You can comfortably bite on a snack or drink from a cup for as long as you want without worrying about leaving a stain on it. It is also one of the smoothest, and it can last for at least twelve (12) hours without any touch up.

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6. KAT VON D EVERLASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK IN WITCHES: This matte lipstick can last you a whole day. It does not remove and it has a very dark pigment that makes it good for layering.

7. SMASHBOX ALWAYS ON LIQUID LIPSTICK IN TAR PIT: This lipstick stays in place even if you go out in the rain, you drink a cup of water, or any liquid touches your lips. It is formulated with sunflower, kernel oil and jojoba to ensure your lips are moisturized and smooth.

8. MELT COSMETICS ULTRA MATTE LIPSTICK IN BANE: This is one matter lipstick that has a smooth formula. This formula makes it so creamy and glides smoothly on your lips. It prevents your lips from being dried out and tugged.

9. MANIC PANIC LETHAL LIPSTICK IN NOSFERATU: This black lipstick has a rich, dark shade. It gives a smooth and velvety finish, and it lasts for about eight (8) hours without touch ups.

10. MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Le MARC LIQUID LIP CRAYON IN BLACQUER: This is a real black with quality pigment. It can also be used as a lip liner. It is formulated as a lip crayon for easy use.

11. GUCCI ROUGE á LEVRES SATIN IN CRYSTAL BLACK: This black lipstick is known to be luxurious. It has very high quality pigment and it gives a smooth satin finish look.

12. MAKE UP FOREVER ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE COLOR BEAUTIFYING LIPSTICK IN EDGY BLACK: This black lipstick is somewhere between a matte and semi-matte formula. It covers your lips boldly in one slide and it leaves your lips moisturized and never dry.

13. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS MATTE LIPSTICK IN MIDNIGHT: This is a matte deep black lipstick. It gives a velvety finish. It stays on your lips for about five (5) hours without touch ups and does not dry up your lips.

Best black lipstick

14. SMASHBOX Be LEGENDARY CREAM LIPSTICK IN BANKROLLED: This black lipstick is formulated with vitamins C and E and shea butter. It has a medium black shade and it also has good pigment. It gives a satin and smooth finishing look. It lasts for up to ten (10) hours on your lips without drying out.

15. BLACK UP IN SATIN BLACK: This is a deep mattress black lipstick with a good pigment. It is comfortable to wear on the lips and it stays for eight (8) hours without touch up. It can easily be removed.

16. BLACK UP COSMETICS LIPSTICK IN RME M30: This lipstick is recommended for women with a darker skin tone. It sits smoothly and comfortably on your lips without cracking.

17. LIME CRIME IN BLACK VELVET: This is the deepest matte black lipstick. It could be messy on application as it contains a large amount of the product. It lasts for about eight (8) hours without touch ups even after you eat and drink.

18. FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA STUNNA LIP PAINT LONGWEAR FLUID LIP COLOR IN UNINVITED: This black lipstick has a liquid formula. It has a good pigment and you will not need to use a lip liner or any touch ups all day.

19. SPLASHES AND SPILLS CLASSIC MATTE LIPSTICK IN DARLING BLACK: This is a matte back lipstick. It glides smoothly on your lips due to its quality pigment. Its creamy formulation prevents your lips from getting dry.

20. COLOUR POP COSMETICS LIP CRÈME IN HELLO BOYS: This black lipstick combines the good pigment of a lipstick with the benefits of a lip balm. It has a mousse-like formula and is very moisturizing.

21. PAT Mc GRATH LABS LIP FERISH NOIR LIP BALM IN NOIR: This is more like a black balm. It does not have a high pigment. It does not give you that bold black shade, but it gives you the less glossy, simple black you desire.

22. ABOUT FACE PAINT-IT MATTE LIP COLOR IN NIGHT SIGHT: This black lipstick is formulated with peppermint oil. It is not sticky and it lasts for a long time.

23. WINKY LUX IN VOODOO: This is a deep black lipstick with a nice pigment. It is parked in a beautiful, luxurious container. It is smooth during application and covers boldly on the first slide. It lasts for as long as eight (8) hours without touch up.

24. URBAN DECAY VICE LIPSTICK IN PERVERSION: This is a deep black lipstick with a good pigmentation. It sticks to your lips without drying them out.

25. PRETTY ZOMBIE COSMETICS LIQUID LIPSTICK IN BLACK CAT: This black lipstick stays for as long as you wear it. It does not go off until you remove it yourself. It does not feel heavy or sticky.

Tips On How To Wear A Black Lipstick Without Looking Awful

Having chosen one of the best black lipsticks, it is necessary that you know how to wear it correctly to avoid looking awful or strange.

Below are some tips on how to wear a black lipstick:

  • It is necessary that you exfoliate your lips gently using a tooth brush or a lip scrub. This helps you to get rid of dry, flaky or dead lips.
  • Moisturize your lips using a lip balm. This will enable the lipstick to flow well and look good and fresh, not dry.
  • Outline your lips using a lip liner to keep your black lipstick in place.
  • Choose what type of lipstick you would love to use for your finishing. It could be a glossy or matte liquid.
  • Always keep you black lipstick in your bag or purse for later touch up as it may fade off with time.

Reason Why You Should Try A Black Lipstick Out

1. You Do Not Need A Particular Shape Of Face: Black lipsticks goes well with all face types. All you need is a light make up and a well defined eyebrows.

2. You Can Wear It Anytime And With Anything: Yes, black lipstick goes well with any dress you wear and could be worn anytime and season. If you love black on your lips then go for it.

3. It Makes Your Skin Glow: A dark color promotes a brighter color. Black is known to be the darkest color in the world. So, black lipstick promotes your skin by making it glow.

4. It Defines Your Teeth: Black lipstick makes defines your teeth and makes it look clean and neat to some extend. This is because, as earlier said, a dark color promotes a brighter color.

5. It Makes You Stand Out: When you use a black lipstick instead of the usual colors, you stand out among the crowd and your lips do the talking.


A black lipstick is cool although it is sometimes discriminated and thought to be weird, awful or scary. When you use the best black lipstick, you get the best result. It is long lasting and sits perfectly on your lips without flaw.