Regula8 Herbal Capsules

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Regula8 Herbal Capsules is a naturally formulated female fertility herbal capsule that promotes female fertility and entire reproductive health system of female. It is approved by NAFDAC Nigeria and FDA Ghana. This unique formulation contains some extracts whose active ingredients are scientifically proven to be beneficial to female reproductive health.

Regula8 capsule can be used by persons suffering from any of the following conditions: menstrual disorders, PCOS , ovarian cyst, anovulation and hormonal imbalance.

Health Benefits of Regula8 Herbal Capsules

  • Regulate and balances the hormones naturally
  • Treats PCOS
  • Tackles Ovarian cyst
  • Induces ovulation naturally
  • Regulates menstruation naturally

Regula8 Herbal Capsules Ingredients

Rubus ideaus -200mg

Tribulus terrestris-200mg

Silybum marianum-100mg

Net Content:500mg per capsule

Many studies explains the effects of the different active ingredients of Regula8 on female fertility. These studies showed that the above active ingredient are effective for the treatment of cases related to female infertility.

Rubus Ideaus:

This herbs is good for female reproductive organs as it helps to prevent hemorrhage due to excessive bleeding. Also helps to reduce bleeding of displaced endometrial tissue. This herb has excellent hormone balancing effect and also supportive for female reproductive health issues. It works to tone the uterine muscles and normalizes blood flow during menses.


Tribulus terrestris:

It’s an interesting plant that supports healthy estrogen levels in women. When used during the first part of a woman’s menstrual cycle known as the follicular phase, it has been shown to help normalize ovulation in women diagnosed with anovulatory infertility.

Silybum marianum:

It supports Liver health which is vital for hormonal balance. It’s one of the best plants for liver health. The liver helps to filter toxins from the body, including excess hormones.

Side Effects: Women taking Regulate extra may experience increased libido, increased appetite for food and a mild laxative effect.

REGULA8 Dosage

It should be taken METICULOUSLY for a period of 90 days: Two (2) capsules twice daily before meal. That is take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at Night

Where to Buy it

You can buy regulate herbal capsules online on Greenleaf Biotech.

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