Blossom Cuticle Oil: Ingredients, Benefits & More

How healthy and how attractive our fingernails and toenails are will greatly depend on how healthy our cuticles are! The cuticle is found at the edge of the nail plate which overlaps the fingers and toes is crescent-shaped and composed of dead epithelial cells. Some reasons why we need to care for our cuticles are:

1) A healthy cuticle helps to prevent the nail region from being infected by microbes such as bacteria and
fungi due to the delicate nature of the area that surrounds the cuticle.

2) Damage to the keratin i.e. the protein present in nails is avoided as the cuticle protects the keratin.

3) The cuticle enhances the growth of nails, be it fingernails or toenails, by nourishing it.

Having known reasons why the care of the cuticle is important, the next question is: Why do our cuticles even get dry or cracked?

What is the first thing you notice when someone gives you a handshake? The fingernails of course! Do you feel eager to have a handshake with the person again if the fingernails are rough, cracked and unattractive? Definitely no! That goes a long way to show that our fingernails speak about us whether we are conscious or not. This lead us to why we need to care for our cuticles.

Why do our cuticles even get dry or cracked?

A lot of factors are responsible for the dryness of our cuticles as well as our fingernails and toenails
which make us uncomfortable. It is important to note, that dry and cracked cuticles cause irritation and
pain to the skin surrounding the fingernails and toenails. Below are some common factors responsible
for dry and cracked cuticles.

1. Hand washing and use of hand sanitizers: As long as it is hygienic to wash our hands, frequent
hand washing predispose our hands including the nails and cuticles to dryness. Furthermore,
hand sanitizers which are good antimicrobial agents equally predispose the cuticles to dryness
due to its alcoholic content.

2. Onychophagia: Also known as nail-biting also contribute to dryness of the cuticles. Most people
get involved in nail-biting when the fingernails and toenails are long and unattractive. This
unattractive nature prompt nail-biting which can result in cuticle and nail dryness as well as
possible infection of the nail bed.

3. Cold weather: Although cold weather reduces our exposure to allergies, it can make the skin as
well as cuticles and nails to get dry or cracked hence the need for the skin to be moisturized.
This calls for the frequent use of Blossom Cuticle Oil.

Why you should use Blossom Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil is ideal for use in taking care of the cuticles. But then there are varieties of cuticle oils in the
market and the task of choosing the right one becomes a challenge.

Keep reading this article to know more about the right cuticle oil to choose.

Each time you think of a Cuticle Oil that is best for you, your family, your baby as well as your friends,
then Blossom Cuticle Oil is the answer. Below are key reasons why you need Blossom Cuticle Oil for
your cuticle care as long as having a healthy and attractive nails is your goal.

  • One of the key ingredients in Blossom Cuticle Oil, the mineral oil, is capable of penetrating the
    skin pores surrounding the cuticle thus, able to moisturize the cuticles in a manner that hand
    cream cannot do.
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil does not irritate the skin which makes it safe for babies!
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil comes in varieties of fresh floral scents such as Rose, Blossom Beauty, Lavender, Grape-Sweet Sparkle, Juicy Peach-Sweet Sparkle, Fruit Scent etc. They are appealing and boost your confidence as you go about your duties.
  • Only a little quantity of Blossom Cuticle Oil is needed to give your cuticles and nails a healthy look.
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil is convenient to carry, handy and pocket friendly since it comes in a small, attractive, glass bottle.
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil absorbs moisture immediately thus, hydrates the cuticles and nails making them healthy.
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil is packaged with a brush and a synthetic fibre that aids in applying the oil.
    The reasons for choosing Blossom Cuticle Oil will be incomplete without mentioning the ingredients in
    the oil.

Don’t stop reading this article to learn about the ingredients in this unique cuticle oil.

Ingredients in Blossom Cuticle Oil

Blossom Cuticle Oil is composed of mineral oil, Oleyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate and Fragrance of
different floral scents. The mineral oil is a humectant thus hydrates and lubricates the skin by absorbing
and retaining moisture.

The inert nature of the mineral oil in Blossom Cuticle Oil reduces the chances of skin allergic reactions
which might want to occur. The Oleyl Alcohol plays the role of an emollient while Tocopheryl Acetate
which is an antioxidant mops free radicals in the skin.

Benefits of Using Blossom Cuticle Oil

The Benefits of using Blossom Cuticle Oil.

  • The inert property of mineral oils in Blossom Cuticle Oil reduces the possibility of skin reactions,
    thus making it safe for even babies’ skin!
  • The emollient property of Oleyl Alcohol helps to reduce dry and cracked skin.
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil is portable and attractive to carry due to its small sized bottle and floral contents.
  • Only a little quantity of the oil is required to care for your cuticles, thus the fear of it finishing fast is eliminated, which implies that Blossom Cuticle Oil is economical to use!
  • Blossom Cuticle Oil comes with a brush that makes it application less stressful.