Irish Spring Soap For Flies: Benefits, How to Use

Irish spring soap for flies is a great repellent and just as the name implies, it is used to keep away flies and other pesky insects. The Irish spring soap for flies is still the same soap bar marketed as a product to keep oneself clean. 

Moreover, aside from its shower usage, Irish spring soap has many other uses, amongst many, one usage of Irish spring soap is to keep flies away from your porches and any other space that flies are regularly found at home.

Irish spring soap also repels mammals such as deer, mice and rabbits. It is the strong and pungent smell of the Irish spring soap that repels these pests. This is because these pests can’t stand the strong soap smell, and so they completely keep off your porch and garden. All it takes is a light breeze to keep the flies away so you can enjoy your indoor and outdoor activities to your satisfaction.


Cut up your Irish spring soap bar and use it to keep flies and bugs away. Irish spring soap is widely recognized for its classic, invigorating scent. Away from bathing,  the soap has a lot of other ‘weird’ usages. To use Irish spring soap for flies, you can decide to either cut the soap bar into smaller sizes to enable it to fit into your mesh bag (a small sized bag with tiny openings) or use the bar without having to cut it, either way it still works excellently.

However, you need to get a sizable mesh bag, place the soap bar into the bag, and hang it on your porch, fence or a stick in the garden. Most pests, including rodents like mice and rabbits, hate the strong smell of soap, so this trick should keep your social gatherings and gardens free from pests for weeks or even months as usual.


For better results, gardening lovers recommend adding a few drops of citronella oil to the Irish spring soap bar to further enhance its effectiveness. The following steps explain how to use Irish spring soap for flies.

1. Gather your Irish spring bar soap; you can cut into smaller sizes and use as many as you desire.

2. Add a few drops of citronella oil to the bar of soap.

3. Allow the soap bars to sit outdoor for a few minutes before placing them into a mesh bag or nylon, you can also add them while the citronella oil is still wet. This is still perfect.

4. Set them around your porch or hang them on sticks around your garden.

5. The pungent smell from the soap bar will help keep these pesky flies and rodents out of sight and far away from your space.

Note: The soap can also be grated and the soap shavings used on affected areas such as porches and gardens

Irish Spring Soap For Flies


Irish spring soap is a deodorant soap, that was first marketed in America by  the Colgate – Palmolive company in 1970. The soap is categorized into two: body wash and bar soap. For the sole purpose of keeping rodents away, you will need to get the Irish spring soap bar. The soap is easily one of the most recognizable soaps out there, between the bright green color and the extremely distinct smell.

You can cut the soap bar into smaller sizes or put all of it into a mesh bag and hang in places where flies often perch. This pungent smell chases them away and keeps your space free from pests. In addition, you can grate the soap bar and sprinkle the soap shavings in your garden to prevent flies, bugs, mice, rabbits, and deer.


The Irish spring soap bar delivers the original gentle and caring formula you love, with a fresh and clean scent to leave you refreshed. It provides twelve hours deodorant protection, so you can feel fresh all day. 

The most fascinating fact about this product is that it is not only for showering or hand washing, but can also be used in rooms and closets to keep them fresh and most importantly, the Irish spring soap bar serves as a pest repellant. It keeps flies and rodents away from your home and garden. Let’s look at other profound benefits of Irish spring soap.

1. Irish spring soap is used to repel flies and other pests around the house.

2. Irish spring soap for flies can serves as an air freshener.

3. It is used to deodorize shoes and make them smell nice.

4. For lubricating stuck zippers

5. Irish spring soap is also a great option to help dresser drawers slide with ease.

6. Give your car a refreshing scent boost.


Irish spring soap shavings are used as a repellant for flies, bugs, and mammal pests such as mice, rabbits, and deer. The shavings are gotten by grating the soap bar with a strong and suitable grater.

While the Irish spring soap for flies may not eliminate the pests completely, it is a highly recommended and helpful tool to reduce the rate of attack. Its effectiveness is as a result of the pungent smell that emanates effortlessly under light breeze from the Irish spring soap bar. Irish spring soap for flies is a perfect option for indoor and outdoor usage.


Soap in itself is an insect deterrent.  Most people would recognize the smell of Irish Spring soap anywhere. It smells good, it is inexpensive, and the truth is it can be used in so many different ways aside from showering.

Aside from the cleaning purpose of the Irish spring soap bar, simply, the pungent and strong smell from the Irish spring soap creates an easy method to permeate scent without needing to light a candle. The Irish spring soap’s scent is so strong, it usually holds the scent for weeks and even months usually to keep flies, bugs and a few other pesky mammals away.