Piment Doux Lotion 250ml




Piment doux lotion is a lightening body milk which regulate and effectively renew and refresh dead layers of a skin. It help brightens the skin and guarantee a lengthily and durable protection. With the fruit acids and natural plants extracts ingredients, the lightening body milk provide your skin brightness and softness.

This lotion is an exfoliating pigment erasing solution; use for the whitening of dark pigmentation of the skin. Especially, the knuckles, feet, knees and elbow. For a perfect and quick result, mix with the piment doux serum. This hydrates the skin, while the face cream when use, exfoliates, peels off rough and tough layers of the skin, giving you a radiant, smooth and glowing complexion.

Benefits of Piment Doux Lotion

  • Piment doux lightening body milk brightens the skin immediately and assures a lengthy and durable protection.
  • Removes dark spots on the skin.
  • Lightens very fast and gives a clearer skin tone.
  • Clears sunburn and face discoloration.
  • Removes scars, wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Clears age spots, melasma and freckles.
  • Makes your skin look bright, smooth and soft.

Ingredients Piment Doux Lotion

Liquidum-demineralized water-Peg, 100-vitamine, E-Glycerin-emulsion nant, sweet almond oil, salicylic acid arctostaphylos ultra urgi-paraben-BHT, 5% actifs, bio vegetaux, fragrance, propylene glycol, paraffinum.

How to use Piment Doux Lotion

  • Put some amount of the lotion into your palm and gently massage it all over your body until it is completely absorbed into your skin.
  • Apply morning and night on a wash skin.
  • Concentrate on the very dry areas.
  • Distribute lightly and evenly.
  • For a perfect and quick result, mix with the piment doux serum.

Side Effect

This lightening lotion is very powerful, in that case it is not recommended for people with a sensitive skin. It may cause redness, peeling and flaking to your skin.

Suitable For

  • Adult


  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Store in a cool dry place and don’t expose to direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • External use only.

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