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CARICH Moisturizing Honey Essential Oil Soap contains two key ingredients; OLEA EUROPAEA (Olive Oil) and ALOE BARBADENSIS (Aloe Vera). We already know what aloe vera does so let me concentrate on Olive oil which is the reason essential oil was added to the name of the soap.

Olive oil contains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Some of these vitamins may be beneficial to the skin.
Olive oil mixed with ingredients such as egg white, honey, or ground oats can soften and hydrate the skin. This is what they did to the CARICH Moisturizing Honey Essential Oil Soap to bring the following effects;

1. Olive oil acts as a moisturizer and after-sun treatment. It prevents a greasy feeling when used on the skin though.

2. It acts as an exfoliator making it a good agent for removing dead cells on the body. The skin comes of glowing and tender.

3. Olive oil is a good antioxidant and is good for wrinkle treatment and for reducing aging skin

4. Olive oil because of the vitamins it contains may fade scars by helping skin cells to regenerate.

5. Olive oil may also be used to prevent or treat stretch marks if used consistently over time.

This soap is a triple action soap with Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Honey all combined in one soap to give the skin a glowing and refreshing look and feel.


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