Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream




Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream  is a skin care product that contains more than 90% effective skin care factor, which is 10 times more than the general cream or essence cream.

This ampoule Booster can supplement nutrition and moisture to the skin in a short term, strengthen the self-repair function of the skin, smooth faint lines, tighten the facial muscles fast and firm the facial skin as before.

At the same time, the product can accelerate the repair and renewal of skin, promote skin metabolism, continuously take good care of the skin and regain natural tender.


Active Ingredients of Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream

  • Green leaf plant stem cells.
  • Ampoule English is the concentrated essence, is a sterile vacuum packaging completely free of preservatives, the essence of the essence of the skin is at least 90% effective, almost It is 12 to 13 times that of night cream or nutrient cream.
  • Ocean 360° active anti-aging extract – “YouthCORONA” is a perfect blend of rare Antarctic deep sea glycoprotein and high-tech plant extracts to instantly brighten skin and soften skin. Factor, continuous intensive nourishment; restore skin self-repair function, open the source of radiance of the skin, youth station.


Benefits of Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream

  • Contains 90% effective skin care factors.
  • Strengthens the skin elastic properties.
  • Smoothens faint lines.
  • Instant skin lightening.
  • Repairs and restores damaged skin.
  • Clears blemishes.
  • It has anti-aging properties.
  • It is highly moisturizing and hydrating.

Where to get Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream

This product can be gotten from our website.

How much is Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream

The best and affordable price of this product can be gotten from our website. Please the price tag.


Sealuxe Ultimate Essence Cream allows the skin to reach the best cells from the group in the shortest time, blemishes, anti-aging, and let your skin re-growth. The constant strength of the sea is the key to the ultimate anti-aging active ingredient. It can be used with other Sealuxe  products.

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