How to Qualify for a Service Centre in Greenleaf Biotech

To qualify for a Service Center in Greenleaf Biotech and own a Greenleaf shopping mall, you must meet the following criteria;

You must register as a Greenleaf Biotech member and have 21 people each on your left and right legs, making it a total of 42 people under you. Whether you directly sponsor those people or not, you will be qualified.

Also, you must have a total of 13,750 PVs on your smallest leg. Greenleaf runs a binary system.

Additionally, you can invest a sum of N5,600,000 to have your registration and 21 persons each placed under you to quality for service center, making it a total of 42 persons, and thus making it a total of 43 accounts in all.

Initially, the Service Center qualification was 23 accounts and each person was to invest a sum of N3,000,000 to qualify but it’s now 43 accounts.

Benefits of Becoming a Service Center in Greenleaf Biotech

You will receive 4.5% for every new registrations or upgrade order or monthly PV order made in your Service Center. This commission is paid daily to the Service Center owners

You also get 5% discounts on all online purchases when you place online orders through the company. As a Service Center owner, you are selling to both members ad non-members meaning that you have a lot of people buying from you unlike a normal distributor who sells only to non-members. All distributors buy using their vouchers through the Service Centers.

Benefits of Investing N5,600,000 to Qualify for a Service Centre in Greenleaf

Aside from the benefits listed above, you will receive the following as instant reward for investing #5.6m

  1. You will receive products worth N5,600,000
  2. Physical cash worth approximately N1,500,000
  3. Voucher worth N24,080,000
  4. Plus free N1680,000

How to Qualify for Greenleaf Franchise Shop in your State or Country

To qualify for a Franchise Shop in Greenleaf Biotech, you must accumulate 25 600 PVs in totals with your team or invest the sum of N25,000,000

Benefits include; 5% + 1.5% on every NEW registrations done through your Shop

You will also get 10% on retails bonus when Greenleaf members place orders through your Franchise shop

If you are interested in owing a Greenleaf Service Center or Franchise Shop in your State or Country, kindly contact me to get started with the business.

You can also chat me if you are interested in becoming a Greenleaf Distributor/member. Simply following this link.