10 Best Fruity Perfumes

Best fruity perfumes seems to be perfect fragrance for scents that last long and complements our outfits for varieties of outings and occasions. Here in this article, we’ve carefully selected sophisticated fruity scents that blend fruits with more alluring fragrance notes that are complex, highly attractive, and delectable.


1. Gucci Guilty Love Edition: Gucci Guilty Love Edition is an alluring date night aphrodisiac which combines floral, powdery and fruity notes for a bright and seductive result. Gucci Guilty Love Edition contains top notes of raspberry and grapefruit with floral notes of amber, musk, and patchouli for a warm undertone. This is one of the best fruity perfumes.

2. Viktor & Rolf Bonbon: Bonbon, which is a French name for candy, just as the name implies, has a sweet and fruity irresistible scent with a main note of caramel, balanced by top note of orange, mandarin, and peach. The Viktor and Rolf fragrance comes in a bottle with a pink flagon shaped like a deliciously wrapped candy. A spritz of this fruity perfume prepares you for coffee and dessert at your favorite restaurant. This is also one of the best fruity perfumes for a date.

3. Tom Ford Bitter Peach: Bitter peach is an entirely unique scent, just like all Tom Ford scents. A little spritz of Tom Ford’s Bitter peach, goes a long way, and the fragrance lasts longer, so you won’t need extra spritzes throughout the day. This excitingly fruity perfume is simple and chic with top notes that includes Sicilian blood orange, peach, cardamon, vanilla, tonka bean, and cognac for a fragrant boost.

4. Tom Ford Cherry: This is one of the best fruity perfumes from Tom Ford, and it is lost cherry. This warm cherry-red bottle from Tom Ford’s brand is everything you need to sweeten up your vanity. Each spritz of Lost cherry will greet you with a scent of candy-like cherry, almond, and tonka bean for a fragrance that adds to and complements your looks.

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5. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium offers a sexy and rugged floral scent with rich notes of pink pepper, pear, orange blossom, coffee, jasmine, and licorice.  While this fruity floral perfume may be heavy for a summer scent, it works perfectly as we transition between seasons. This is a nice option if you choose Yves Saint Laurent Black opium because it provides one of the best fruity perfumes options to choose from.

6. Chanel’s Chance: Chanel’s chance sits pretty well amongst many fruity perfumes. This fruity floral scent delivers notes of quince, white musk, grapefruit and rose. The fragrance is a perfect balance of fruity, sweet, and woodsy components, which makes it an ideal scent for any occasion. This is also one of the best fruity perfumes brands to choose from.

7. Giorgio Armani My Way: Giorgio Armani my way is a perfect fragrance ideal for summer, reflected in the cherry rosy-pink glass flacon, which is headed by a mysterious sapphire-blue stone. This intense and fun fruity perfume’s main notes include orange blossom, tuberose, and strawberry. This is a nice brand to choose one of the best fruity perfumes from.

8. Lancome LA Unit Tresor: Lancome LA Unit Tresor is a fresh strawberry perfume that easily lights up your appearance with its youthful exuberance. Its name might leave you thinking it’s an after-dark scent (”LA niut” means ”the night” in French). This is usually a rich, versatile fragrance that you’ll love wearing whether day or night. Lancome’s top notes set a fruity tone with raspberry, lychee, and strawberry, with blackrose that further extends its scent. 

9. Versace Bright Crystal: This fresh and fruity fragrance true to the versace brand is excitingly soothing and youthful, with a hearty smattering of sensuality. The fragrance notes combine yart-sweet yuzu, pomegranate, and amber. The pink fragrance is housed in a jewel-like bottle for a perfect display on your vanity.

10. Escada Cherry In The Air: Cherry in the air is a sweet, fruity scent from Escada with notes of raspberry, sour cherry, Mandarin, and, of course, orange. The fragrance contains balanced floral elements for a versatile and long lasting scent.

Best fruity perfumes


A majority of women are largely leaning toward huge fruity floral perfumes and sweet gourmands, and there are also so many women who lean towards mostly fresh scents, whichever category you fall into, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a luxurious perfume or a fruity perfume. “The key to finding a budget-friendly fragrance is to look past the marketing and packaging,” says Majoros, a perfume expert. Let’s take a look at the best fruity and long lasting perfumes for women.

1. Cloud Eau de Perfume: Ariana Grande makes this exceptional and affordable perfume, which Ledes says is “skin-like with notes of white musk and a soft floral scent.” The perfume is housed in a sapphire topped bottle with a cloudy bottom that makes a great display for your vanity. This is one of the best fruity perfumes for women.

2. Colonial Eau de colognes: Colonial Eau de Colognes is often referred to as the ultimate classic Italian fragrance by many. The fragrance is soft, soothing and loved by women who do not like fragrances. The fragrance has a herbaceous touch with notes of lemon, sweet orange bergamot and citrus.

3. Flower Bomb Eau de Parfume: This blend of jasmine, orange blossom, and patchouli has been a crowd-pleaser for decades and is one of the best fruity perfumes for women. Flower Bomb Eau de Parfume has a fragrance that’s well encapsulated in the brand’s signature grenade-shaped bottle in an understated soft-pink hue.

4. Wild Peony: It may be incredibly affordable, but this fragrance is a perfect blend of irresistible and charming notes. The vegan formula has rich notes of peony, grapefruit, sandalwood and Tonka bean.

5. Bahia Eau de Parfume: Bahia Eau de Parfume has got some functional scents that inspire feelings of calm, energize the senses, and relaxation. This fruity floral perfume contains top notes of peach nectar and flower lotus, with blends of orange flower essence to help you feel relaxed.


The best fruity perfumes for him are a collection of sweet and long lasting collection of fragrance for men. Let’s take a glance at some deep, rich and complex fragrances for men.

1. Sauvage: Sauvage is a fresh year-round cologne that’s perfect for the daytime or night time.

2. Guerlain Mitsouko: Guerlain is a great option for special occasions or evening outs. The fragrance is inspired by a passionate, patient love story that is greatly evident in the fragrance. Its fruity notes of peach and oakmoss make for a perfect combination of floral and fruity scents.

3. Kenneth Cole Reaction: Kenneth Cole Reaction is a fresh, green, and fruity fragrance that’s perfect for warm weather wear. This fragrance has top notes of apple, melon, and watermelon coupled with base notes of sandelwood and musk to give a strong woody-base reaction.

4. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino EDP: This scent is more modern and seductive. unlike most Tom fords fragrance, this unisex fragrance has a slight floral scent that’s perfect for a sophisticated summer.


There’s a huge variety of fruity fragrance on offer. Best fruity perfume notes that are frequent and popular includes peach, pear, plum, strawberry, raspberry, black currant, fig, apricot and lychee. These fruity floral perfumes are affordable and perfect to wear everyday, all year-round.