Black Stud Earrings: 6 Alluring Types And More

Black stud earrings are defined as a kind of earring that contains a centerpiece stone attached to a narrow pole. The pole has an ear backing that helps maintain its position or prevent it from falling off. Stud earrings are worn by both males and females. It can be on the two pairs of the earlobes or on just the single. The black stud earrings were first seen in Egypt in the year 1920.

The benefits of stud earrings can not be outweighed. Stud earrings are a piece of jewelry that gives you that great look. It makes your face look appealing, trendy and sexy. The kind of look you get will depend on the type of black earrings you decide to rock. 


The black stud earrings come in different types. They are:

1. Front ornament: One of the types of black stud earrings is stud earrings with a front ornament. The front ornament is the center of attraction of any black stud earring. The front ornament does vary. It could be gemstones or diamonds. Any of the items that are being used will be placed at the front of the ear. The front ornament can come in different shapes or designs. It could be the heart shape, the alphabets, leaf shape, and others. 

2. Black stud earrings by material: This type of stud earrings is defined or classified based on the type of material that is used in producing it. Materials that can be used in producing the black stud earrings range from metals to stainless steels, diamond, gold, platinum, and silver.

3. Black stud earrings using a personalized theme: Personalized themes are themes that are created especially for the people that wants them. For example, the name of a person, his best alphabet, monogram, and simple. Black stud earrings could be made using a personalized theme, especially if you want to give it to the said person.

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4. Black stud earrings using floral design: Black stud earrings using floral design is a type of stud earrings that is made with different floral designs. The floral stud earrings are really perfect for casual outings, and it looks are always look simple and fun.

5. Stone black stud earrings: Black stud earrings made using stones are very cute earrings. They are mostly worn for special occasions or even casually. This type of stuff earrings does not select colors or styles. It blends very well with different styles and colors.

6. Stud earrings by backing: The back of a earrings  is essential because it helps to hold the earlobes. Black stud earrings can be named based on their backings. This backings are if different designs as well. There is screw back stud earrings, this backing is works by screwing the metal. There is also push back black stud earrings and this backings works by pushing the small metal in the earrings on the list of the earrings. Although this backing design for black earrings is popular, it set back is that it easily slip off easily. There is also clip on studs black earrings. This backing design is for persons that have not yet pierced their ear lobes.

Black Stud Earrings
Black Stud Earrings


Black stud earrings are quite a beautiful set of jewelry, but there are certain things you must take into consideration before buying them. These things are:

1. Materials: One of the things that you must consider before buying a stud earring is the kind of material that is being used for it production. Materials like gold, metal, stainless steel, silver, and platinum can be used for the production of stud earrings. The kind of material used should not be overlooked because it will determine the life span of those earrings.

2. Occasion: Another thing you should consider before buying a stud the occasion you want to wear the black stud earrings too. If you are going to a wedding occasion, pearl black stud earrings would be the best.

3. Skin sensitivity: people’s skin differs that is why when buying stud earrings, you should make sure to buy one that will not react with your skin and cause you to be uncomfortable. There is an element that is used in metals, and this element is called nickel. The element helps to increase the durability of the metal. Nickel usually reacts on people’s skin when the metal is used in the production of the earrings.

4. Hairstyle: Hairstyle is also one of the things that must be considered before buying black stud earrings. For short hair, any kind of stud earrings will fit well because it gives your earrings the chance to shine well. As for long hair, simple black stud earrings will be the best choice because they won’t get entangled with the hair.

5. The shape of your face: The shape of your face should also be considered when buying a black stud earrings. If your face shape is oval, any stud earrings will fit you because the face looks better on any stud earrings. For round and square faces, you should choose stud earrings that have smooth edges.

6. Your budget: Before buying any stud earrings, you must consider the size of your pocket (budget). When buying black stud earrings, you should choose the ones that fit your style and are also within your budget range. Without you setting a budget, you will get overwhelmed when you enter a jewelry store to get stud earrings and may decide to squeeze more of your pocket money to get the most costly pair of stud earrings which in the end, may not be worth it.


Black stud earrings are a piece of jewelry that does a perfect job of complementing any outfit. It is impressive to know that this little piece of jewelry can make heads turn for you compared to other types of earrings. For your look to be complete, you must be able to choose stud earrings that will fit well with your face.