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Greenleaf Biotech compensation plan allows you to earn in Eight (8) different ways.

Here is how Greenleaf Biotech Compensation plan works, let’s take a look at the various ways of making money in Greenleaf Biotech;

  1. Return of Investment Bonus
  2. Group Bonus
  3. Sales Bonus
  4. Vouchers Bonus
  5. Retail Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus
  7. Welfare Bonus
  8. Star Director Incentives

1. Return on Investment

Return on Investment Bonus is the first bonus you earn in Greenleaf Biotech. This bonus is designed for you to get your initial capital (N130,000 or $350) back.

Here, for every new person that registers under you, you will earn $1.5 (N557) whether you directly or indirectly bring them until your initial investment is paid to you in full.

This bonus ceases after you have earned your initial investment and it is calculated daily depending on the number of people that join under your team.

It is calculated as $1.5 multiplied by the number of new people joining your team. So for you to get your full investment money, the number of persons joining your team will be up to your 40 generations or approximately 234 persons.

So, N557 x 234 persons = approx N130,000 (Your initial investment)


2. Group Bonus

This Bonus is calculated daily on group volume. Every new registration of $350 (N130,000)=275pv. 275pv=1 unit. 1 unit (meaning one registration) = $22. To earn the group bonus, the total number of registrations made daily on your smaller is multiplied by $22.

For example, if your smaller leg makes 20 registrations in a day, that 20 will be multiplied by $22, and your earnings for that day will be calculated as 20 x $22 =$440

Note: The maximum daily earnings for the group bonus is $529. So, you can earn maximum of $529 daily, $3,703 weekly and $7,406 monthly. So to earn the $529 daily income, you or your team members must register at least 24 people on your lesser leg for that day.

3. Sales Bonus

This Bonus is calculated daily, based on placement tree. For every 2 new members that joins your team in every layer/generation, one on the right and one on the left, you earn $88. This Bonus calculated daily, and up to infinity based on the number of new people that join your left and right leg everyday. So, this Bonus is unlimited on how much you can earn daily.

4. Voucher Bonus

In voucher bonus, you get N560,000 worth of free voucher once you sign up in the company. The voucher enables you to buy something at a cheaper rate from the company.

5. Retail Bonus

This Bonus is calculated monthly, and also based on placement tree in your organization. It is calculated up to 40 layers in your organization. You earn 30% for every member that makes his retail order in your organization up to the 40th generation. You need to make $15 monthly retail order in order to earn this retail Bonus.

6. Leadership Bonus

Leadership Bonus = New Global Purchase volumes multiplied by 3%, multiplied by Bonus percentage based on your rank, divided by the number of qualified people.

Leadership Bonus is paid monthly

Unlimited payout

You are never demoted in rank.

How to Earn from Leadership Bonus

With Greenleaf Biotech Compensation Plan, the game totally changes when you start earning Leadership Bonus. The moment you start earning Leadership Bonus, you can decide to buy any car of your choice from the earnings you’re making, without even thinking of/ or depending on car promo from the company.

To earn Leadership Bonus, a distributor needs to qualify as Manager (the first rank in GREENLEAF). The moment you get to Manager rank, everything changes.

7. Welfare Incentive/Bonus

Welfare Bonus has to do with money that you earn monthly for Travel, Car, or House, depending on your rank.

As a Manager, you earn 1% monthly as Travel Incentive

For DIRECTOR and above, you earn 1% for Travel, 0.5% for Car, 0.5% for House (Total = 2%)

This is how the calculation is done

New Global Sales PV ($), multiplied by 2%, multiplied by Incentive percentage depending on your rank, multiplied by your personal monthly income, divided by the income of the total number of people who have qualified, multiplied by 100.

8. Star Director Incentive

The following are the incentive percentage for Star Directors.

1 Star Director – 25%

2 Star Director – 25%

3 Star Director – 25%

4 Star Director – 15%

5 Star Director – 10%

THIS is HOW STAR DIRECTOR Incentive is calculated.

New Global Sales PV ($), multiplied by 1%, multiplied by Bonus percentage depending on your rank as a Star Director, multiplied by your personal monthly income, divided by the total income of qualified members, multiplied by 100.

With GREENLEAF BIOTECH COMPENSATION PLAN, the real work is from the DISTRIBUTOR RANK to MANAGER RANK. From Manager rank, you begin to enjoy from Global Sales volume ($) every month. That is where the real deal starts from.


Contact a Greenleaf Representive close to you. Speak with the Team Leader; 08024255305


Origbakpor Sunday Simon · June 25, 2019 at 3:10 am

How do I register

    Greenleaf Biotech Group · June 25, 2019 at 11:59 am

    Whatsapp or call me on: 08153700971

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