Femiro Wax: 3 Benefits, Effects and Some Amazing Reviews

Femiro wax is a type of wax that is used on sensitive areas of the body, such as the bikini line, arms and the legs. A lot of people like to make use of this wax because it removes every tiny little hair on the skin when it is used for waxing. When the wax is used, the waxing can be performed by the person who wants to wax or a professional. Femiro wax, unlike other kinds of wax, helps to reduce allergic reactions on the skin of people who use it.


The following points below are the benefits of Femiro:

1. Removal of the tiniest hair: The ability to remove the tiniest of hair from the skin during waxing is one of the benefits of femiro wax. When this wax is used not a single strand of the tiniest hair is left out.

2. It contains hypoallergenic formula: Another benefit of femiro is that it contains a hypoallergenic formula. Hypoallergenic formula is a kind of formula that contains protein that can be broken down into smaller proteins thereby causing the skin to have fewer or no allergic reactions.

3. Femiro wax comes with a complete set: Another benefit of this wax is that the package comes with everything that is needed for the waxing which includes, the formula, wax warmer and post wax oil.

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1. Ineffective on coaster hair: This is one of the effects of femiro wax. The wax does not work well in coaster hair (this is the type of hair which the texture is thicker than other kinds of hair).

2. Inability to spread evenly: The inability of the formula in the wax to spread evenly is another effect of femiro wax.


Below are some of the reviews that were gotten from the users of femiro wax. The reviews:

  • One of the users said that the product (femiro wax) is very easy to use.
  • Another positive review on the wax was that the instructions on how to use the product are well laid out.
  • A user also said that after using femiro wax to wax her skin, that no single strand of hair was left.
  • Femiro wax is easy to clean.
  • Another user reviewed that he got less allergic reaction when using femiro wax compared to other kinds of wax.
  • A user also said she has a sensitive skin and that femiro wax is best for sensitive skin.
  • I like femiro wax because it comes with everything that you need.
  • Another said, “I used femiro wax and the process was quick with less pain.”
  • The price is worth it.
  • The temperature control (auto mode) is top-notch.
  • A first time user of femiro wax said, “Using femiro wax to wax my skin has made waxing a fun thing to do.”
  • Femiro wax is easy to clean.


Hard wax is a type of wax that is very good for sensitive skin, and its major concern is the skin and not the hair. Hard wax is best when it is used on the armpits, bikini line, and even the face as well. The waxing process is less painful when it comes to hard wax, this is because, hard wax concentrates mainly on the hair and not the skin. The benefits of hard wax are that it is gentle on the skin and one can used his hands to wax off hair therefore, using the strip is not really compulsory and also the process is less painful.

The effect of hard wax is that it needs to be warmed before it can be used and it also consumes time. Soft wax is a type of wax that concentrates on both the hair and the skin, thereby making the process very painful. When soft wax is used, it removes the hair and also exfoliate the skin compared to hard wax which only removes the hairs alone. Soft wax is best for body parts like hands, legs and the back. The benefits of soft wax are that it is best used in large areas such as the legs, hands and back and the price is low compared to hard wax.

The side effect of hard wax is that the process is more painful because the hair and the outermost part of the skin are being removed. Soft wax has a high percentage of causing skin irritation and also, soft wax needs a material strip in order to be able to remove the hair unlike hard wax which the hairs can be removed using your hand. Therefore, is femiro wax a hard wax or a soft wax? Femiro wax is a part of a hard wax. This is because, the wax has the same characteristics as hard wax. 

Femiro Wax
Femiro wax picture


The extent to which femiro wax can actually last after usage depends on certain factors. These factors are:

1. The area in which the wax is applied: The area in which femiro wax is applied can be used to determine how long the result will last.

2. DIY or professional waxing: Getting a professional to do your waxing rather than doing it yourself can make the results last up to 4 months.


The ideal temperature to use in order to obtain a good waxing result for femiro wax is 130 degrees. This temperature is recommended because femiro is a hard wax and it is used on sensitive skin like the bikini line, the arms and legs. If the temperature becomes too hot, it should be dissolved with cold water so as to prevent the person’s skin from getting burnt.


Cleaning a wax pot after usage can be very difficult especially when the tools used are traditional ones. The procedure is below:

Cleaning the inner pot is a method that can be used to successfully clean a wax pot. For you to successfully clean your wax pot after usage, the first thing to do is to clean the inner pot. Cleaning the inner pot can be done by increasing the heat above the actual heat that is normally used. For example, if you make use of wax that uses low heat, you should increase the heat to the medium level.

Make sure to continue heating until the wax melts and when it melts, you make use of a turning stick to stir until the wax melts completely. Then after that, you remove the inner pot with the tongs, mitts and hands and then turn the wax into a disposable. When the inner pot is successfully removed, you keep it aside for it to cool off and when it becomes cool, you use the turning stick to remove the remaining particles of wax in the pot, then after that is done, you clean your wax pot with its cleaning solution if there is any or wax cleaner.


Although this wax is good for sensitive skin, it could be risky if used by someone that is diabetic or someone that has circulatory problems.


Femiro wax is a type of hard wax that is very useful for sensitive body parts. It is a type of wax that does not miss even the tiniest strand of hair when it is used for waxing. People with diabetes should avoid using this wax in order to avoid complications. Also, the best temperature for gearing this wax is 130 degrees.