Carich Aroma Shampoo


Carich Aroma Shampoo helps to stop hair breakage and repair damaged hair.



Carich Aroma Shampoo is a unique formula with protein, contains Iris Florentina Root Extract that nourishes the scalp and hair core.

Benefits of Carich Aroma Shampoo

  • Thoroughly yet gently cleanses the hair and scalp
  • Helps to stop hair breakage and repair damaged hair.
  • Assist in hair growth. Contains natural ingredients that stimulate hair follicles, preventing hair loss and helps with hair growth and scalp health.
  • Gives silky, smooth and lustrous hair.


Apply this product on wet hair, slightly massage onto scalp. Rinse thoroughly, repeat if desired.


keep out of children. If the product get into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Stop use if irritation occurs.


Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


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