Sealuxe Nail Polish (3in1) Set



Sealuxe nail polish is a water base polish that women applied to their fingernail or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates. The nail polish consists of mix organic polymer and several other components that gives it beautiful colours and textures. It plays a significant role in manicures and pedicures.

This nail polish is every woman dream of nail beautification. It comes in three lovely colours that are unique. The sealuxe nail polish help nails look healthy while they grow.

Benefits of Sealuxe Nail Polish

1. Non Toxic: generally, water based nail polishes are odorless, non toxic, biodegradable and safe for most people, even pregnant women. Unlike the chemical based lacquer polishes.

This nail polish is good for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies and those who are not currently using nail polish due to harmful chemicals and vapors.

2. Easy to Apply: You do not have to be a professional to apply the water based polish perfectly.

3. Dry Quickly: This nail polish doesn’t take much time to dry off. For this reason, there is less issue of smudging and making mistakes.

4. Very easy to clean  off: With the help of acetone free-nail polish remover, you can easily clean off your nail polish.

5. Last Longer: Sealuxe nail polish is durable compared to lacquer based nail polish.

6. Doesn’t cause discoloration.


Remove excess dust and wipe your nails with a nail remover liquid. Apply a light colour sealuxe nail polish, allow to dry for 3minutes and coat the deep colour of your choice to the ring, middle and index finger.

What is the Price of Sealuxe Nail Polish in Nigeria

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Where to buy Sealuxe Nail Polish

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