Greenleaf Toilet Cleaner




Greenleaf Toilet cleaner is a safe and effective household product that completely removes stubborn stains from the toilet and replaces the bad odor with fragrance. It can be used in homes, companies, hotels, restaurants to keep the toilet clean with good fragrance.

Benefits of Greenleaf Toilet Cleaner

  • It completely removes stubborn stains from the toilet.
  • It is safe and effective.
  • It has a good fragrance.
  • It is Eco friendly and is recommended for both domestic and industrial usage.

How to use Greenleaf Toilet Cleaner

  • Apply on all areas of the toilet bowl.
  • Leave for 10 minutes.
  • Use your toilet brush on the applied areas and wash.
  • Flush to rinse.


  • It should not be applied for the cleaning of marble floor and terrazzo mosaic floors.
  • It should be kept away from children.

Where to get Greenleaf Toilet Cleaner

This product can be gotten online via our website.

How much is Green leaf Toilet Cleaner

The best and affordable price for this product can be gotten from our website. Please check the price tag on the product.



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