iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner 500ml


iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner 500ml has strong power on oil stain removal: upgraded recipe, rapid removal of heavy oil stains.



iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner 500ml is specially designed for kitchen residues. It has strong power on oil stain removal: upgraded recipe, rapid removal of heavy oil stains.

This product can penetrate to the inside of the greasy dust, and dissolve it into liquid that can be easily cleared. The product can help clean the greasy dust automatically without disassembling the hood. Mild flower fragrance – comfortable flower fragrance and no strong smell.

It is also suitable for heavy oil on range hood, exhaust fan, gas stove, sink and kitchen glass. It can be used to clean surface of stainless steel, ceramic tile, enamel and other kitchenware as well as the external surface of microwave ovens, refrigerators.

iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner penetrates and dissolves difficult buildup around your home.
Concentrated formula removes grease, ink, coffee, grass stains, blood, pet stains, and other tough cleaning problems.
it contains no harmful petroleum by-products.

iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner is an effective products to clean your home.

Features of iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner

  • It is eco-friendly, environmental-friendly and biodegradable
  • No fluorescent agent, transdermal toxicity, pigmentation, hormones, preservatives and no heavy metals.
  • Harmless natural plant products

How to use iLife Kitchen Oil Cleaner

1. Turn the white nozzle until the word ON faces up, spray it at close range on the oil stain, wait a moment and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

2. Clean the inside of the range hood without disassembling it. Spray on the fans of the range hood for several times. Start the range hood after 3 to 5 minutes.

The stains will break down and fall into the paper cup automatically. For range hood that has not been cleaned for over half a year, please repeat above procedures and apply more amount of the product.

3. Turn the nozzle back to OFF.


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