iLife Oyster Polypeptide


ilife Oyster Polypeptide can also treat depletion, detoxify, and make the skin tender and prevent aging.


ilife Oyster Polypeptide has abundance of protein, vitamin, moderate of microelement and turbine.

Polypeptide is a vital substance for the human body. A series of physiological activities of the human body, including growth, speech, metabolism, reproduction, thinking, and actions are all dependent on various thoughts. It can be used to select cells freely. It is absorbed by blood vessels and skin, and it has the characteristics of priority, initiative, and 100% absorption by the body. The nutritional and medicinal value of oysters makes this product valuable.

ilife Oyster Polypeptide are rich in zinc. It improves the vitality of the male testicles. The higher the vitality of the testes, the higher the vitality of the sperm, which changes the secretion of the previous glands. Women taking oyster peptides can improve ovarian function. It can also treat depletion, detoxify, and make the skin tender and prevent aging.

Benefits of ilife Oyster Polypeptide

  • ilife Oyster Polypeptide beautifies the skin, remove wrinkles, and nourish face.
  • Anti-aging.
  • effectively prevent prostate cancer, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, uremia, lung cancer, etc.
  • It can also calm the mind, improve sleep quality, and improve memory.
  • It has a special effect on leukemia, and renal failure.
  • It is also a small molecule peptide that is necessary for various radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients.
  • It improves the sexual quality of erectile function and enhances immune ability.
  • It can delay menopause while regulating menstruation.
  • ilife Oyster Polypeptide nourish the heart and refresh the brain.


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