Norland Micromolecule Oligopeptide

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Norland Micromolecule Oligopeptide  is a dietary supplement that is formulated to nourish the cells of the body and prevents cell degeneration. It enhances immunity and preserves health. It contains small molecule peptides in the form of amino acids that the body needs. It contains over 20 useful amino acids that are readily absorbed in the body to supply immediate nutrients to the body.

Norland Micromolecule Oligopeptide Benefits 

  • Improves memory and it has good effects on brain.
  • It improves eyesight.
  • Helps burn body fat. It has rapid body slimming effect to restore proper body weight.
  • Accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, Therefore reducing the harm it causes.
  • Fights leukemia and blocks inflammation that accompanies such chronic health conditions such as diabetes; heart disease and stroke.
  • Helps to repair the cell and improves its metabolism.
  • Prevents diseases like blood pressure, hyperlipidemic, hyperglycemia; sexual disorder; heart diseases; thrombus; arteriosclerosis etc.
  • It has anti-cancer function.
  • Help to keep body strong and full of power.
  • Excellent source of protein and a strong antioxidant.
  • Has anti-aging properties.

How to use Norland Micromolecule Oligopeptide

  • 15 satchets per pack.
  • Drink 2-3 times daily.
  • Mix 1 packet (5g) each time with 100-150 ml warm water and drink it.
  • Add a little milk. You can also add different condiments such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, or milk according to your own taste.

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This product is available here in Greenleaf Biotech.

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