Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Set


Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Set keep skin youthful and luminous.



Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Set consist of varieties of polypeptide composition and plant extracts, which help to pump water and moisturizing factor to concern through (Vertical Triple-Molecules Moisturizing System) “VTMM system”. Each layer of the skin is satisfied with rich hydration, improving elasticity and softness. Keep skin youthful and luminous, regenerating skin smoothly and firmly.

The set is made up of: Comfort Cleanser 100g, Nourishing Toner 120ml, Deepsea Infusion 60ml, Moisturizing Fortifier 50g.

Benefits of Sealuxe Hydra Genesis Set

Comfort Cleanser 100g: It soothes, moisturize and awaken the skin; fine pores, smooth skin texture, make the skin smooth.

Nourishing Toner 120ml: This product is a complex of extracellular polysaccharides extracted from the deep-sea crater at an altitude of 3,000 meters and an exclusive antioxidant plant extract that helps to transport water to the bottom of the skin through three molecules. The layer vertical moisturizing system (VTMM) makes every layer of the skin moist and full of elasticity and suppleness.

Usage: After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply a proper amount to the palm or cotton pad, apply evenly on the entire face and neck and pat dry; follow-up lotion.

Deepsea Infusion 60ml: It has Soft light particles which brightens the skin, instantly reduce wrinkles, leaving skin with a soft glow. Its unique plant extract is rich in anti-oxidant and moisturizing complex factors such as carotenoids, lipids and phenolic acids, which can enhance skin elasticity. Locks in moisture, leaving skin firm and elastic. Active hyaluronic acid forms a highly effective water-repellent film that lasts intensively and moisturizes the skin, leaving the skin with a supple shine.

 Moisturizing Fortifier 50g: The texture is moist and soft, instantly absorbed; super long-lasting moisturizing, lock water, strengthen the skin barrier, fully nourish and soothe the skin, make the skin instantly bright, easy to create rich and full, supple and radiant beauty.


Once opened, please finish the product within 3 months to get the best effect.


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