Sealuxe Star Concealer


Sealuxe Star Concealer is moisture lock, brighten skin, hide fine lines, pores and other defects.



Sealuxe Star Concealer is suitable for spot muscle, acne muscle, panda eye and lip primer. Product characteristics Excellent concealer, moisture lock, brighten skin, hide fine lines, pores and other defects.

It contains the extracts of glycyrrhiza, silver ear sub-entity, ginger root, fruit glycyrrhiza root, The WSK component, with a moisturizing effect and viscosity beyond hyaluronic acid, has a good affinity for the skin and gives it a moist, smooth feel. Although only 5.5 ml, but can be used for a long time, brush head design is also good control dosage, easy to apply, good value for money. While acne and dark circles are strong, the effect of covering the posts is also first class. There are no more questions study in the poes. Its sustainability chlorella, tremella, and Ginger root, glycyrrhiza uralensis root external, the WSK ingredients, has a moisturizing effect and visibility beyond hydrologic acid, have a good success for the skin, Give your skin a moist, smooth feel. Through only 5.5ml, but it can be used for a long time, The design of the brush head Alfonso controls the dosage very well.


Apply appropriate amount of liquid concealer to blemish spots, pore thickness and so on. press gently with finger or concealer brush to make the material better fit with skin, blemish spots and blemishes. Acne, black eye ring ability, the effect of covering pores is also first class, no longer stuck in the pores of trouble.


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