Ratio Protein Yogurt: Ingredients & Benefits

Ratio protein yogurt is a cultured dairy snack and the most protein yogurt when it comes to per serving with a cup. Ratio has cautiously taken the time to do the math for you, so you can spend less time reading labels and more time living. Every creamy, delicious snack cup contains 25g of protein and 3g of sugar. That’s four times more protein per serving than the leading traditional yogurt, which contains 6g of protein per six-ounce serving.

Ratio protein yogurt is made with gluten free yogurt alternative ingredients which helps you find strength in numbers, including ultra-filtered milk and whey protein. Ratio yogurt features natural flavors like vanilla, which delivers great taste without adding additional sugar. Enjoy the single serve snacks as a convenient breakfast food, or stash the high protein snacks in the refrigerator at work to help you stay the course.

Ratio protein yogurt strikes a unique combination of protein, carbs and sugar. With a focus on carefully selected ingredients, it’s a healthy snack to help keep you going. Find all five flavors in the yogurt aisle, including strawberry, blueberry, coconut, key lime and vanilla yogurt cultured dairy snacks.

Consuming one to two cups of ratio Protein yogurt daily can be a healthy addition to your diet  without making it difficult to maintain your weight. 


Here’s a list of the ingredients used in ratio Protein yogurt. They include;

Cultured Pasteurized Ultra-Filtered Nonfat Milk, Cultured Pasteurized Milk, Whey Protein Concentrate, Nonfat Milk. Contains 2% or less of: Sunflower Oil, Erythritol, Natural Flavor, Carrageenan, Sucralose.

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Traditional ratio protein yogurt contains 6 g of protein per 6 oz serving while ratio Protein yoghurt contains 25g per 5.3oz which is equivalent to 4X more than the leading traditional yogurt

Ratio protein yoghurt is a deliciously creamy cultured dairy snack with live active yogurt cultures

Single serve snack cup is perfect for breakfast on the go or a high protein snack

CONTAINS: 5.3 oz cup


1. Carefully Crafted: Ratio protein yogurt are specially crafted to keep you active and going. Features carefully Selected ingredients to strike a unique combination of carbs, sugar, protein and fat.

2. Healthy Snacking: Anytime can be snack time with ratio Protein yogurt which is made ready-to -eat and convenient, single serve cups In mouth-watering flavors like Mango, every smooth spoonful helps you get through meetings, class and more.

3. Creamy Meets Crunchy: Ratio yoghurt is a delicious base for building easy treats like this parfait. Its creamy and yet crunchy goodness will leave you aae for more.

4. Portable Protein: Kick start your day the ratio way. One serving of any ratio Protein yogurt variety packs in 25g of protein. That’s 4 times the protein of the leading traditional yogurt.

5. Perfect For Pairing: A little ratio  protein yogurt can inspire lots of tasty pairings. For starters, pair any Protein flavor with fresh blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Goodness is served!.

6. Ready-to-eat snack: Get the ratio protein yogurt  pick-me-up anytime you want. It’s easy to pop irresistible ratio protein flavors like  Key Lime into your gym bag, lunch tote or backpack for a quick bite anytime and anywhere.


Ratio protein yogurt is the highest-protein yogurt available on the market in a single-serve cup as supported and explained  by the company.  Ratio Protein comes in five flavors — strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, coconut and key lime — and is available at major retailers nationwide.


Ratio protein yogurt comes in five different flavours. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

1. Ratio protein vanilla yoghurt

This creamy, Vanilla flavored dairy snack contains 25G of protein and 3G of sugar.

2. Ratio protein strawberry yoghurt: 

This creamy, Strawberry flavored dairy snack contains 25G of protein and 3G of sugar.


Is ratio vanilla protein yogurt keto, should probably be the question you’ve been seeking a straight answer to; especially if you are on a keto diet. While ratio vanilla Protein yoghurt may be healthy, you shouldn’t consider it the best option if you are on a keto diet because it is a high-carb processed food that contains unhealthy ingredients like sunflower oil; which is a highly refined oil that is prone to oxidation and  may contain some harmful chemicals.  Ratio vanilla protein yoghurt isn’t also good for a keto diet as it also contains carrageenan. Carrageenan is a controversial additive that is included in most foods, and should be avoided as much as possible as  it is potentially harmful to the health. 


Serving per container;

Serving Size 1.00 container(150g)

Amount Per Serving

Calories 170

Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*

Total Fat  4g    5%

Saturated Fat  2g  9%

Trans Fat  0g

Cholesterol  15mg  4%

Sodium  150mg    7%

Potassium  0      6%

Total Carbohydrate  8g   3%

Dietary Fiber  0g   0%

Total Sugars  3g

Added Sugars  0g   0%

Sugar Alcohol  <1g

Protein  25g    50%

Gluten Free 0

Calcium 0 35%

Iron 0 0%

Vitamin D  0 0%

P.S: Percentage Daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.Your Daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Ratio Protein yogurt contain beneficial bacteria which provides a range of health benefits like strengthening your immune system, and improving heart health. Here are some of the health benefits of eating ratio Protein yoghurt.

• Improves digestive health:

Ratio protein yogurt is probiotic, meaning it is typically produced with live bacterial cultures. These bacteria can help support the good bacteria that already live in your digestive system. Consuming probiotics like ratio Protein yogurt may improve your digestive system’s ability to handle a wide variety of foods. It also helps regulate bowel movements. 

• Improves heart health:

Ratio protein yogurt has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can reduce your risk of heart disease. By controlling your cholesterol, ratio Protein yogurt may help you avoid heart disease or slow its progression.

• Lowers Risk Of Diabetics: 

Consuming ratio Protein yogurt may help reduce your risk of diabetes. A recent analysis of eleven studies showed that eating yogurt regularly can reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes by as much as 14%. 

• Ratio protein yogurt is a great source of iodine, which supports healthy thyroid function and a strong immune system.

P.S: Keep ratio gluten free snack cups cold in the refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy them. :


Ratio protein yogurt is made with whey protein. Whey protein is gotten from whey, the watery portion of milk that separates from the curds when making cheese. Whey protein is commonly used  for improving athletic performance and increasing strength. It is also used for asthma, diabetes, weight loss, and many other conditions. Ratio protein yoghurt is particularly made with ultrafiltered nonfat milk and whey protein, the dairy-based snack contains 25 grams of protein and 3 grams of sugar per serving. Ratio Protein yogurt is packaged in single-serve cups and is readily available in five flavour which includes; strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, coconut and key lime.


Greek yogurt is high in protein, which helps promote fullness. A typical 6-ounce serving contains 15 to 20 grams, the amount in 2 to 3 ounces of lean meat. That makes it particularly appealing to vegetarians, who sometimes struggle to get enough of the nutrient.


Yogurt is one of the most common dairy products on the market today, for good reason. Yogurt is a creamy, tasty addition to lots of meals. Ratio protein yogurt is starting to overtake traditional yogurt in popularity thanks to its rich flavor and thick texture. This thick, protein-rich ratio yogurt offers a wide variety of potential uses and comes in handy in five different flavours which includes; strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, coconut and key lime, to fill you with so much goodness.