What Does Cuticle Oil Do: How to Apply it & 5 Best Types

What does cuticle oil do? This is definitely one question you may likely be seeking an answer to, especially if you have a dry, chapped, and cracked cuticle. If you experience any of these conditions, keep reading to find out exactly how to use cuticle oil and the benefits it has on your nails, as we’ve searched the internet to select the best cuticle oil for your nails.

What cuticle oil does is moisturize your nails and cuticles. The cuticle is the area of tough skin that creates a barrier around your growing nails, so they become protected. This area can easily become dry and brittle. When that skin becomes too dry, however, it can start to peel and fray. And frayed, brittle cuticles are no fun. They can lead to damaged nail beds or even infection if left untreated.

Cuticle oil is usually composed of a fruit or nut oil such as almond, avocado, jojoba, or coconut oil. It is usually applied to the cuticles to help moisturize and nourish both the nail and the cuticle. Cuticle oil is most commonly made up of vegetable oils and may sometimes contain vitamins and citric acid. These components work together to moisturize and restore health to your nails. 


Benefits of Cuticle oils are numerous as they help to promote healthy nail and cuticle. They do so by keeping them hydrated, well moisturized, and even helps improve the circulation of blood around this areas.

Cutile oil such as jojoba, coconut, avocado oil, all contain nutrients that help to nourish your nail matrix which further stimulates nail growth.

1. It moisturizes the nails: Cuticle oil helps resolve issues relating to dry skin around the nails by moisturizing and keeping the nails hydrated. You may want to go for oils rich in nutrients that do not leave any greasy residue behind and quickly absorb into the skin. Sweet almond oil is a great choice to consider as it is enriched with vitamins A, E, B1, B2, and B6, which work well as hydrators.

2. It stimulates nail growth: As a general rule, moisturized nails grow faster. And according to celebrity nail tech Tammy Taylor, massaging a cuticle oil into the skin can increase blood flow, which helps promote healthy nail growth.

3. It prevents hangnails: a hangnail is a painful piece of skin that appears by the nail side, which often happens as a result of frayed and brittle cuticle. When you have dead skin to the max, it can result in a hanging nail. The regular application of cuticle oil, helps prevent dead skin from growing onto the natural nail.

4. It helps to Heal Your Damaged Cuticle & Skin: Most cuticle oils, such as avocado and jojoba oil, are loaded with antioxidants that promote cell regeneration. So, if the skin around your nails is dry or damaged, either from the use of harsh chemicals or day-to-day activities, you need to consider going for a good brand of cuticle oil.

5. It prevents Skin, Cuticle & Nail Infections: Certain cuticle oil such as jojoba oil contain antibacterial and antifungal properties that helps to prevent your nail and cuticle from developing fungal and bacterial infections.

6. Cuticle oil forms an extra barrier to protect your polish: Cuticle oil forms an extra barrier to help prevent the gel polish and acrylics from drying out. The regular use of cuticle oil on the nail helps to make your gel polish and even your acrylic nails last longer.


What Does Cuticle Oil Do
What Does Cuticle Oil Do

Cuticle oil is a great way to keep your nails looking clean and healthy. While you can use your hands to apply the cuticle oil, certain cuticle oils do come with a dropper, and you can also decide to drop it on, brush it on, or roll it on depending on the type of application you choose to go with.

  • Hold the dropper 2 inches (5 cm) away from your nail. 
  • Carefully apply the oil to each nail.
  • Gently massage in the oil until its completely absorbed, and no oily residues are left behind.
  • Re-apply every two to three hours. 

P.S: If you’d like to soften your cuticles even further, Amy Lin, the founder of Sundays—a nail care brand focused on wellness, recommends slathering on a hand cream and wearing a set of gloves for at least 10 minutes. “The heat from your body can help them absorb,”


What are the best cuticle oils available on the market? Let’s take a look at the best five cuticle oils that not only keep the nail and cuticle moisturized but also stimulate nail growth.

1. Best Professional Formula: CND Solaroil Nail & Cuticle Care: You’ve likely seen this bottle in a salon. It is one of the best and most effective formulas available. This formula contains jojoba oil and vitamin E. While jojoba oil contains loads of antioxidants and moisturizers, it is known for mimicking the oils naturally found in your skin and absorbing super quickly. The vitamin adds extra nourishment to the nail and cuticle. Solaroil nail cuticle oil also neutralizes free radicals and has a pleasant fruity smell.

2. Best Overall: Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil: This cuticle oil ranks as the overall best cuticle oil, and there’s a good reason why this humble oil has legions of devoted fans. Simple and straightforward, it boasts a blend of soybean and cottonseed oils that helps to soften cuticles and deeply moisturize the skin around your nails. Essie apricot cuticle oil prevents future hangnails and also contains various natural ingredients to nourish and stimulate nail growth.

3. Best Multi-Tasker: Bio-Oil Multi-Use Skincare Oil: This formula is extremely versatile in its usage. There’s nothing this multi-purpose formula can’t do. It comes in handy, especially if you are trying to minimize the number of products in your bathroom. Bio-oil is a great option for an oil bath. You can work it into banged up cuticles, sure, but you can also use it for stretch marks, scars, burns. It doesn’t clog pores; it’s dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic; and it absorbs super quickly.

4. The Best Roll-On: French Girl Organics Nail & Cuticle Oil: This formula comes with a rollerball for easy application. It contains argan, tamanu, and hemp, which are heavy-lifting hydrating ingredients. While pomegranate oil packs a dose of antioxidants to nourish the nails, It also contains Rosemary and jojoba oil this two contains antifungal and antibacterial properties that helps to prevent nail infection and further helps to stimulate nail growth.

5. Best Serum: Olive & June Cuticle Serum Duo: This cuticle serum is packed with lots of hydrating oils such as apricot, jojoba, and avocado. It also contains cactus flower extract, which is a great reparative ingredient for damaged skin. The Cuticle serum duo also comes with a soft foam tip for controlled application.


Cuticle oil is usually composed of a fruit or nut oil such as almond, avocado, coconut, it is usually applied to the cuticles (skin surrounding the fingernails) to help moisturize and nourish both the nail and the cuticle. It is applied directly to nails, the cuticle area, and skin surrounding the nails for hydration and to lock in moisture. In a nutshell, the main benefit of using cuticle oil is that they moisturize your nails, make your nails grow faster and make them even stronger with a shiny appearance.