5 Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Achieving long, thick, and full hair is mostly based on genetics and hard work. It is hard work in the sense that you need to use products for hair growth and you need to exercise patience. Almost every lady wants to have long hair like Rapunzel, but very few are interested in putting in the work to achieve it. Others switch to using hair extensions which gives them their desired long, thick and full hair.

Getting the best hair extensions for fine hair could need a little professionalism. As much as there are lots of good hair extensions out there for purchase, most of them are not designed for fine hair. When finding an extension for fine hair, look for one that maintains its natural health and still gives you the thick volume you desire. In this article, we will discuss the best hair extensions for fine hair.


This is a question most people who have jumped into. But before you think of this, you should know that it is totally safe to use hair extensions on fine hair if you are choosing the best hair extension for fine hair. It blends perfectly well with your hair, it is not heavy, and it does not damage your hair. Hair extensions can only damage fine hair if you are not using the best and if it is too heavy.

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Below are the best hair extensions for fine hair. This would enlighten you as to what you should go for. They are:

1. TAPE-IN HAIR EXTENSION: Tape-in hair extension is one of the best hair extensions for fine hair. It gives your hair a natural look because of its flat bond that blends well with your hair. It is held in place between the hairs with polyurethane tape positioned close to the root. It is easy to apply and takes about 30 to 90 minutes to apply. It is also quick to remove. Tape-in hair extensions can last for about six (6) weeks and can be requested for about eight (8) weeks after the first application. Tape-in hair extensions are lightweight and do not damage your hair.

2. MICRO-EASY HAIR EXTENSION: Micro-easy hair extension is also one of the best hair extensions for fine hair. It is perfect for short hair. It extends your hair by 10” in length and 1.5 to 2cm in width. It makes your hair fuller. Its weight depends on the space you give it on your head. You can apply heat to it, you can also style it in different ways. It is easy to style but you would have to wait for at least 48 hours to style otherwise the extension will be at the risk of falling out.

3. QUAD WEFTS HAIR EXTENSION: Thus is used for more voluminous hair. A pack contains 85 grams, which is all you need for an extra long and voluminous hairstyle. You can style it however you want, you can also do a braid on it. You can do curls or other styles of your choice. You can also apply heat to it. It is simply the best.

4. INJECTION-TAPE HAIR EXTENSION: Injection-tape hair extensions are very similar to tape in hair extensions but they have to be injected. This hair extension promotes roots and hair growth, and it is designed to be hidden in your natural hair. It has a backing of 4 cm and this backing changes color depending on the hair extension color used.

5. HAND-TIED WEFTS HAIR EXTENSION: This is a natural hair extension method. It is also known as sewn in hair. It is very flat and natural. It is 100% safe for your hair and will not damage your hair. It can also be requested many times due to its durability. They are comfortable to wear and feel like your real hair. No one would notice you were using an extension. This is one of the best hair extensions for fine hair.

Best hair extensions for fine hair
Best hair extensions for fine hair


The best hair extension can bring lots of benefits to fine hair.

1. IT GIVES A NATURAL LOOK: When you use the best hair extensions for fine hair, you are guaranteed to have a natural looking hair. No one will know you are using an extension at all.

2. IT GIVES YOUR DESIRED RESULT: When you use the best hair extensions for fine hair, you are sure of getting a thick, full or any other result of hair you desire.

3. IT HAS AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: When you use the best hair extensions for fine hair, it can last as long as 5 to 6 years making the hair extension pretty worth it.


1. CHOOSE HAIR EXTENSION THAT BLENDS WITH YOUR NATURAL HAIR: It is necessary to get a hair extension that will blend well with your fine hair. When choosing a hair extension, choose one that suits your hair texture, length, as well as color. This is to enable it to blend well and look more natural.

2. CHOOSE HAIR EXTENSION FOR THE THICKNESS NOT NECESSARILY FOR THE LENGTH: Majority of people are fond of long hair but when it comes to choosing the best hair extensions, leave the length aside (definitely it would extend your hair), focus on the thickness. The best hair extensions would give you a natural thickness, fullness and would be less heavy. What you need more of is density, fullness and gap coverage.

3. THE APPLICATION METHODS: Choose hair extension with easy application methods not the one that put pressure on your hair.

4. CHOOSE HAIR EXTENSION THAT WILL DAMAGE YOUR HAIR: Before getting a hair extensions for fine hair, make sure you are choosing one that solves the problem of your fine hair and will not make it worse. Avoid the use of hair extensions that use glue or clips to attach to your hair. They would add a lot of weight to your hair, causing your hair root to be damaged. You should go for hair extensions that sits on top of the hair and would not make your already weak strands take all its weight.

5. CHOOSE HAIR EXTENSIONS THAT ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR FINE HAIR: These hair extensions are specifically for fine hair. You do not need to stress yourself looking for them as they have already been labeled by the designer. It is designed with a damage- free installation method.


Haven known the best hair extensions for fine hair, it is still essential you seek advice from a professional stylist before your first application or if you have any problem while it has already been applied. Your stylist will be able to advise you properly on the best way to go about hair extension for fine hair.