What Does Sea Salt Spray Do For Hair

What is sea salt spray and what does sea salt spray do for hair? 

“Sea salt spray” is a hairspray that contains only water and salt. This combination of water and salt adds volume and texture to the hair when sprayed, making one’s hair look like the beachy waves one gets from a quick dip in the ocean. Opting for a sea salt spray is also the perfect way to refresh second-day hair because it absorbs excess oil, creates texture, volume, and gives hair a matte finish appearance.

Nevertheless, because water molecules are attracted to salt, sea salt sprays pull the moisture from one hair strand at a time leaving the head with dry hair and that is why it is highly recommended and important to use a high quality styling product that is free from parabens and sulfates like the almighty sea salt spray product.


The sea salt spray naturally gives its users a beachy, wavy hair that is enhanced with body and shine. They are the ultimate time-saving product, allowing a spritz-and-go approach to hair styling, they also add texture, grip, and volume to the different hair types. Sea salt spray can be used on wet or dry hair, and can be combined with other products.

Sea salt spray adds texture and body to thicken one’s hair by opening the cuticle and plumping the hair strands, thereby providing a very fine hair type with volume and light, a flexible hold, which in turn creates a natural finish for an undetectable appearance, which is perfect for people who dislike the feeling of artificial hair products in their hair. 

Salt Sprays also enhances a greater styling abilities of other hair products such as pomades for example; the Murdock London Sea Salt Spray can be layered with the brand’s texture paste for added definition, which is ideal for longer, looser or more relaxed hair styles, salt sprays create the look of lived-in, surfer tresses. Salt spray also has the ability to plumps and expand or widen a hair fiber thereby giving the hair appearance a thicker and more voluminous hair.

Different hair types can benefit extensively from using salt spray as a pre-styler to add texture, body, and hold to support voluminous hair styles. Limp or lackluster hair is also boosted, and this is because of the oil-absorbing properties of salt. The KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray is infused with Salt from the Dead Sea to promote fuller, more voluminous hair. The formula is specially designed for fine hair types, utilizing an innovative and creative shaping blend that combines Dead sea salt with a setting polymer to provide volume support and hold for ocean-inspired hair.

Note: Most hair has at least some kind of curl pattern to it (even hair that seems completely straight), and salt works to bring out the natural pattern and texture of that hair. Hair strands are made up of proteins with cross links in between and these crosslinks are a formation of bonds in between the proteins. Sea salt spray works by binding to your hair strands and creating extra cross links, temporarily changing their shape.


Sea salt spray is a multi-tasking superstar and by far the most versatile styling product pertaining to hair. Below are some of the numerous benefits of sea salt spray on hair:

  • Sea salt spray can create beachy waves on straight or fine hair types.
  • Sea salt has the ability to enhance waves and curls in naturally wavy or curly hair.
  • Sea salt spray adds texture to all hair types.
  • It can be used to add volume and body to all hair types.
  • Sea salt reduces frizz.
  • Sea salt perks up limp and lifeless hair.
  • It absorbs grease and refreshes second-day hair.
  • Sea salt spray gives hair more grip for better hold in hairstyles like updos and braids.
  • A sea salt sprayer tames thick, wavy hair.
  • It helps with styling short hair and can be used in place of wax or pomade.
What Does Sea Salt Spray Do For Hair
What does sea salt spray do for hair


1. Shake the sea salt spray: Since the sea salt sprays contain solid elements such as salts, these ingredients may likely settle over time so before one start spritzing sea salt spray through the hair it is highly recommended to shake it very well making sure the constituents is properly mixed.

2. Combining the sea salt spray: Combining or cocktailing the sea salt products simply means combining two products together with sea salt. It is super effective to combine the sea salt spray with a leave-in conditioner, detangler, or hair serum for textured beach waves without stripping away too much of the hair’s moisture and shine. 

3. Avoid spritzing the sea salt spray too closely: It is advisable to spritz the sea salt spray on the hair from a few inches away because spraying too close to the hair scalp can cause the strands of the hat to get sticky.

4. Applying the shampoo on the hair correctly: Shampooing the hair twice a week to get rid of sea salt residue with a hydrating shampoo like MOMO moisturizing shampoo or OI Shampoo is very essential to maintaining a clean hair.

5. Applying conditioner to the hair regularly: Using a hydrating conditioner like MOMO moisturizing conditioner every time after a hair wash is very important.

6. Avoid using a cotton towel to dry the hair: Abstain completely from using a cotton towel to dry hair after wash is very important because it can lead to frizz, tangles, and breakage of hair but Instead it is wise to use a microfiber towel, t-shirt, or letting the hair air dry.

7. Cool it with the heat: Avoid using heating tools completely or frequently and use a heat protectant spray when you do. Or, turn down the heat on the styling tools when letting your hair air dry is not an option. 

8. Add coconut oil to your routine: At least once in a week it is important one lather the hair with coconut oil and let it sit for at least 20 minutes, covering with a shower cap and let it sit overnight. This adds a dose of much-needed moisture to your strands.

9. Use a hair mask weekly: The use a bond-building hair mask weekly to keep the strands strong and protected from dehydration. 


1. Wetting the hair: To get the ultimate beachy waves, avoid the use of shampoo when styling with a sea salt spray because it is important not to strip the hair of its natural oils. In fact, second or third day hair is the perfect time to style with sea salt spray. Just rinse the hair with water and let it air dry until it is completely damp. 

2. Comb your hair properly to remove any knots and tangles: Comb the damp hair to separate the follicles and help the hair fall naturally. Removing tangles completely, then allowing the salt to enter the hair shaft easily.

3. Shake the sea salt spray: Give the spray bottle a very good shake before spritzing the strands to make sure the constituents are properly mixed because sea salt sprays contain solid elements like salts, that may settle over time.

4. Applying the sea salt spray: Spritz the hair with sea salt spray, concentrating on one section at a time, focusing on the roots and mid-length of the strands and completely avoiding the ends, as these are more likely to get dried out. The quantity of sea salt spray to use depends on the hair type. It is recommended that you start with a small amount and gradually build up as needed if you are not certain about your hair type.

5. Twist your hair: Once your hair is nice and salty, twist the hair in small sections making sure to twist one section at a time, and also twist them in different directions. The more sections you twist, the more beach waves you’ll end up with.

6. Use a diffuser to set your waves: A diffuser is an attachment for the end of a blow dryer that diffuses the air, making it more gentle. To use, set your dryer to low. Tilt your head and place the diffuser on your roots, gently massaging the diffuser’s prongs on your hair. 


Sea salt absorbs the natural oils in one’s hair, that is, if sea salt spray is used in excess, it can cause drying of one’s hair. However, most salt sprays are also formulated with hydrating ingredients to counteract this effect. Some formulations, such as the Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion, are great for use on drier hair types, featuring a blend of tropical oils and salt to create texture without feeling sticky or crunchy, leaving the hair with touchable soft waves.

Other salt sprays boast SPF properties to help protect completely against UV light damages. The label Sea Salt Spray features an exclusive Enviroshield Complex which protects hair from extreme heat damage to maintain healthy-looking hair all year round. If dry hair is of concern, be sure to incorporate a conditioner or mask into your hair care routine.