8 Best Soap For Tattoos

No doubt, we all love to have tattoos and flaunt our beautifully inked skin, it is the most satisfying experience just after getting your tattoos done. However, it’s crucial to know that maintaining a new tattoo is of utmost importance as the skin may be prone to infection, this is why you need to know the best soap for tattoos. Whether you are getting a big piece from a renown shop or a stick and poke from your friends, your tattoo needs to be properly cleaned and cared for if you want it to remain vibrant and healthy.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to tattoo care is that tattoos are wounds and you wouldn’t wash a broken and healing wound with something that could cause further damage to it, that is where soaps come in. These best soap for tattoos are antibacterial soaps specially formulated to reduce the risk of infection. These best soap for tattoos are antibacterial soaps, which are among the best picks on the market globally. They hydrate the skin, nourish, soothe, prevent redness, irritation, reduce dryness and limit the spread of infections due to getting inked.


Best soap for tattoos after care differs for different skin types. Everyone is different, but whether you are a soap or body wash person, it is important that you carefully choose soaps with antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients, besides hydrating ingredients like glycerin, free from harsh chemicals and also fragrance-free. So, check out the list of best soap for tattoos below:

1. Neutrogena unscented soap bar for tattoos: Neutrogena soap bar is a dermatologist-recommended skin product that has the best intensely hydrating and nourishing formula. The unscented transparent soap contains glycerin. Glycerin has been a beauty essential over the years because it has a range of amazing benefits. Glycerin is hypoallergenic, gentle and pure on the skin. It cleanses the pores, creates a calming sensation and heals most skin conditions. Neutrogena soap bars also contain antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial growth on the skin. This is one of the best soap for tattoos.

2. Dove hypoallergic soap for tattoos: Dove is a well-known brand mostly recognized for its unique and gentle formula to suit and care for sensitive skin. The Dove beauty bar has a hypoallergenic formula that keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized. It comes with the goodness of palm kernel oil, glycerin and fatty acids that lubricate, soften the skin and reduce skin concerns such as dryness, itchiness and redness. The soap also has antibacterial properties that get rid of harmful bacteria and keep the skin healthy.

3. Cosco Tincture green soap: The Cosco Tincture green soap is a great option for people with sensitive skin. This is one of the best soap for tattoos because it specializes in fixing the tattooed skin and also to prevent bacteria attack. Cosco Tincture green soap is a liquid wash that contains essential oils and glycerin that works to keep the skin nourished and hydrated.

4. Pears transparent soap: This simple and trusted brand that confidently boasts of 100 years of history. Its transparent, fragrance-free soap is a great option suitable for all skin types.

5. Provon antimicrobial lotion soap for tattoos: This antimicrobial lotion soap is loaded with the goodness of aloe vera and vitamin E and is gentle and soft on the skin. The liquid soap is medically formulated and perfect for regular use. It also contains antimicrobial properties that reduce infection and combat harmful bacteria on the skin.

6. Tattoo Goo deep cleansing soap: This is an apt choice for tattoos and body piercings. The nutrient-rich soap cleanses and hydrates the skin. It has a formula that maintains the skin’s PH and keeps the skin smooth and nourished. This is one of the best soap for tattoo aftercare that promises to get rid of any form of bacterial infection through an active ingredient called chloroxylenol, which is present in the soap.

7. Dial antibacterial hand wash: Dial gold is a regular antibacterial skin care product  recommended by piercers and tattoo artists. The bathroom essential hand wash liquid is an all-around best soap for tattoos.  

Dial gold is the standard for keeping germs and bacteria away from the skin. It has the right qualities, not excessively scented, gentle on the skin, rinses clean and fairly inexpensive. Dial gold antibacterial wash is one of the most effective soaps on the market for keeping your tattoo clean and free from infection.

8. H2Ocean blue green foam soap: You may be very conversant with H2Ocean if you are really into body modification. They are the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to tattoo aftercare. They make an excellent range of water-based products, all of which are gentle and safe for the healing of delicate wounds and piercings. H2Oceans blue green soap is loaded with the goodness of aloe vera which moisturizes and cares for dry skin. It is easy to use, does not burn, and is very gentle on sensitive skin. It is one of the best soap for tattoos.

Best soap for tattoos


Here are some steps to using the best soap for tattoos to get the best and most effective results.

1. Wash your hands clean before application

2. Wash the tattoo area gently with lukewarm water

3. Gently massage or clean the tattoo area with the soap product.

4. Use a clean towel to gently pat dry afterwards

5. Keep your new tattoo well-protected from the sun using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or more, and don’t forget to regularly moisturize your tattoo with one of the best tattoo aftercare lotions.


Many soaps contain harsh ingredients that can irritate a new tattoo if applied directly to the tattoo area. It is not advisable to use harsh cleansers on the newly inked skin as they can fade the tattoo color, delay the healing process, and result in redness, itching, and dryness. When choosing soap to use, go for mild, fragrance-free soap or a specially formulated tattoo cleanser to clean the area. Your tattoo artist can recommend a tattoo-specific cleanser.


Soft soap is a great option to use on your tattoo. soft soap is an antibacterial wash and while it is good you should always opt for those that would not be harsh on your skin. If your tattoo is in the healing stage, all you need is a soap that basically has nothing in it but its cleansing properties. There are a lot of options out there, read the soap labels and go with products with the fewest ingredients. Soft soap is fine to use on your tattoo, but if this tattoo is newly acquired, you want to be especially careful not to scrub with a harsh substance.


Tattoo is a form of self-expression, but if your skin is not properly cleaned and cared for, your new tattoo could become infected. Best soap for tattoos are the best products you need to clean, nourish and sanitize your skin. The proper use and application of this antibacterial soaps can result to a safer experience and healthy tattoo.