Blue Opal Rings: 11 Outstanding Properties And More

Opal is one of the world’s most popular gemstones and it is the birthstone for the month of October. A good precious opal can flash all the colors of the spectrum with an intensity and quality of color that surpasses the fire of diamonds like blue opal. Beautiful blue opal rings are made out of blue opal. There are numerous types of opal found in various deposits around the world. There are three types of opal that are very fascinating, they are: 

  • Fire opal, which is known for its intense red, orange and yellow colors – the colors of a fire.
  • Boulder opal, which is opal that is attached to host rock is surprisingly very beautiful.
  • Common opal, which has color, pattern and beauty that can be very common.

Blue opal has many physical and optical properties that are very common to all other opals. Just like other opal varieties, the blue opal has a relatively low hardness and very low toughness, making it a stone that is prone to breakage. In the case of blue opal, this fragility is increased since it has high water content and tends to dehydrate easily unless it is exposed to high temperatures because heat can cause these precious gems to lose color intensity and even cause fractures.


Opal is a hydrous silicon dioxide which has a chemical composition of SiO2.nH2O. It is amorphous in nature, it has no crystalline structure with a definite chemical composition (it contains a variable amount of water, as shown by the “n” in its chemical composition). Therefore, opal is a “mineralloid” rather than a “mineral.” As far as precious gemstones are concerned, opals have a relatively sordid history. While they are not as precious as diamonds, opals are no less beautiful and have been used in jewelry for centuries. 


Opal is generally considered the birthstone of October, It is also the theme gift for the 14th and 18th wedding anniversaries. Although it’s popularity among the gem stones saw a noticeable deduction during the Middle Ages, and its popularity has never quite recovered since that time.


In mystical circles, opal is acknowledged as a stone representing hope, innocence and purity. It has strong connotations relating greatly to happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence. All of these are in spite of its significant period of darker connotations.

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Most ancient people believe in the healing power of stones and opal is one of those precious gems with great healing powers. Opal is significant for healing eye infections and diseases, as well as enhancing other healing processes.

In more esoteric circles, the opal is considered to grant the power of invisibility when wrapped in a bay leaf and carried in the hand. The Greeks also believed it granted the power of prophecy.


In ancient Greek history, opal was regarded as a lucky stone. It was widely believed that a cut and polished opal would have the qualities of any other stone it shared a color with, for example a blue opal would be similar to sapphire. Although opal can be quite a difficult stone to work with, and is also very easy to shatter when cutting or mounting in jewelry. Breaking an opal in the process of creating jewelry was once considered bad luck.

MYTHOLOGY: In Greek mythology, opals were considered the stone form of the tears that Zeus wept after the defeat of the titans.


Blue opal rings are rings which are made from the precious gemstone blue opal, they are an accessory that complements different outfits worn by both men and women in all parts of the world. In mystical circles, a blue opal ring is considered a ring representing hope, innocence and purity. It has strong connotations of happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence.

Blue opal rings are among the precious gemstone that, when cared for correctly, will last a lifetime and can be handed down through generations. Blue opal rings are more delicate than other gemstones, but they can still be worn daily as long as some simple rules are followed.

Different designs of Blue opal rings


1. Blue opal rings are popularly known to be a healer of bad relationships, broken hearts and issues related to intimacy. Wearing blue opal rings helps one to be able to break all the old habits that keep people making the same mistakes when it comes to love and relationships.

2. For business-minded people, the properties of blue opal ring increase the chances for wealth due to better insight, better relationships and the ability to create new innovative and inventive ideas.

3. Blue opal rings connect the wearer to their spiritual side while bestowing universal awareness upon them. This stone helps to pick up the wearer’s thoughts, desires, feelings and emotions, and amplifies them, making the wearer more in tune and aware of themselves and even their environment.

4. Blue opal rings help to clear the mind and open it widely towards rational, critical, and logical decision-making while promoting the free flow of thought.

5. The Blue opal rings help the wearer conquer negativity and provide reflection and clarity to the mind of the wearer about the unpleasant emotions or reactions they deliver or receive.

Blue opal rings have many different meanings for many different types of people and so of those meanings are:

1. Among the Indian lore, it considers it part of the Goddess of Rainbows after she turned to stone to avoid the romantic advances of other gods.

2. Among the Arabic lore, it holds that the stones fell from the sky in flashes of lightning, imbued forever with their fire from the fall.


The blue opal ring has numerous benefits and some of them are listed below:

  • The blue opal ring is good for blood purification.
  • The blue opal ring helps with Water Retention.
  • It Improves insulin production in the wearer’s body.
  • It builds immunity and helps fight off fevers and infections when worn regularly.
  • It helps manage menopause and PMS symptoms in older adults.
  • Blue opal ring helps to boosts memory power in the body.
  • Opal is great for eyes, skin, hair, and nails.
  • Blue opal controls and maintains the endocrine system in the wearer’s body.
  • Blue opal ring protects the female reproductive system.
  • It delivers neuro-stability to the brain’s hemispheres.
  • Blue opal rings cures headaches and migraines in the body.


  • Blue opal ring improves emotional balance.
  • It intensifies feelings of seduction and passion in the body.
  • Brings about positivity and happiness.
  • Blue opal ring strengthens the will to be alive.
  • Blue opal ring Inspires creativity and innovative.
  • It delivers foresight.
  • It opens the path to cosmic consciousness.
  • Blue opal ring brings about self awareness.
  • It helps overcomes inhibitions.
  • It heightens intuition.
  • Increases self-Worth and self-esteem.


Blue opal (rings) is strongly ruled by the planet Venus, it is seen as the birthstone of people born in the month of October. It is strongly tied to and related to luxury and relationships. With the correct application of Vedic Astrology, the opal stone helps the wearer to live a luxuriously rich lifestyle in terms of prosperity, marital stability, amplifying social standing and reputation, and it also aids in relieving physical ailments.

Blue Opal Ring is also known to be a healer of bad relationships, broken hearts and issues with intimacy. the properties of Blue Opal can even increase chances for wealth due to better insight, better relationships and the ability to create new and inventive ideas.