Pill Lipstick: 3 Fascinating Benefits, Uses And More

Pill lipstick is a colored substance which people apply to their lips that comes in the form of a pill. Pill lipstick is also called capsule lipstick and it comes in different shades. Applying lipstick on the mouth is not something that can be overemphasized because of its outstanding benefits. This lipstick is not gender biased, it can be used by both males and females. Pill lipstick are made from the following ingredients:

  • Beeswax 
  • Pigment
  • Oil


There are a lot of benefits in using pill lipstick, and these benefits are:

1. Sun protection: One of the benefits or usefulness of using pull lipstick is that it helps to protect the lips from the sun, thereby reducing the chances of your lips being sunburned. The lips are really prone to sunburn because, unlike other parts of your skin that have melanin to protect them against it, the lips do not have melanin. So, putting on your pill lipstick on your lips will help a lot in protecting your lips against the sun.

2. Self confidence: Self confidence is another benefit of using pill lipstick, this is because this lipstick makes your lips soft, sexy and supple, and as a result of this, your confidence will be increased compared to a lip where there is no lipstick.

3. Good posture: Another benefit of pill lipstick is that it gives the user good posture. Based on L’Oreal research, the little act of stretching to apply the lipstick is what gives the person good posture.


Aside from the normal way of applying the pill lipstick to your lips, there are other different ways to use the pill lipstick. They are:

  • You can use your pill lipstick as a concealer.
  • You can use your pill lipstick as a blush.
  • You can use it as a bronzy.
  • You can use it as an eyeshadow.
  • You can rock it as an eyeliner.

Note that the shade of the pill lipstick will determine the different types of ways you will use it.


A lot of people do ask about the kind of moisturizing element that is used in pill lipstick that always gives the lips a shinny and softening look. Well, it is good to know that the moisturizing element or ingredient used in pill lipstick is emollient. This ingredient is made from light and easily absorbed oils and also from richer, heavier butters such as shea butter. These oils that emollients are made from are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Since emollients is present in pull lipstick, it leads to the improvement of a person’s lip appearance by smoothing, increasing its elasticity, and softening it.

pill liptick
Pill lipstick


Stains on your lips that are gotten from pill lipstick are not hard to remove. It can be removed by simply dusting baking soda on the stain. Place a towel on an ironing board and lay the stained cloth with the stained side facing the towel. Then use iron to iron the cloth so that the pigment can be removed. If after ironing the cloth in order to remove the pigment, you still have some leftover stains, you can use a liquid soap to wash it.


Recently, according to research, it was found that lipstick contains some harmful elements like lead, aluminum, cadmium, and chromium, which are dangerous to one’s health. These harmful elements can cause a long-term health risk to the users.


Aside from buying the lipstick from some offline or online stores, you can also produce it by yourself. There are several ways in which you can produce this lipstick. They are:

1. Using eye shadow to produce pill lipstick: Eye shadow can be used to produce lipstick and this can be done using the following steps below.

i. Firstly, get an eyeshadow (that of the powdered form). Scoop the eyeshadow into a small plait and use a spoon to mash it until the eyeshadow becomes lump free.

ii. Secondly, after you have gotten a lump free powder, you mix the eyeshadow powder with petroleum jelly. Note that you must microwave the petroleum jelly for it to dissolve before adding it to the eyeshadow. The quantity of eyeshadow you add to the petroleum jelly should depend on the kind of pill lipstick shade that you want.

iii. Lastly, pour the mixture into a pill and allow it to harden before you start using it.

2. Use crayons: Crayons can be used to produce pill lipstick. Below is the step by step guide.

i. Get a box of crayons from a brand that says their crayons are safe to infest in small quantities.

ii. Melt the crayon. This is best done by using a double boiler because it prevents the crayon from getting burnt. Place the crayon in the top section of the double boiler and heat it over average heat until it completely melt.

iii. After melting the dragon, stir in some oil like almond oil or even coconut oil until the two items are completely mixed together. After it is mixed together, you add any fragrance of your choice.

iv. You pour the mixture into a pill.

3. Using the natural way: This method of producing lipstick uses natural ingredients.

i. Get lipstick base ingredients. These ingredients includes: beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, soya oil, and pigment.

ii. Choose the pigment (lipstick color) of your choice. There are some options for you if you are confused of the kind of lipstick color you want. You can use turmeric to have a coppery shade, cinnamon for a reddish brown color, coco powder for a deep brown and beet root for light red.

iii. Melt the ingredients in a microwave or melt them using a double boiler. After it melts, add the pigment of your choice until you are satisfied with the kind of shade you want.

iv. Pour the mixture into a pill.


The main aim of these lipstick is to give your lips that supple and shinny lips thereby making us to get that perfect look. These lipstick comes in different shades and these shades are for different skin type. Although pill lipstick has a lot of benefits but it can also be harmful the skin when it contains some harmful element.