Lavender Nail Designs: 14 Lovely Designs

Lavender nail designs are trending this year and are one of the hottest nail designs to wear on your nails. Lavender nails are also known as lilac nails. These designs are gorgeous, soft, feminine, as well as light-colored nails that look beautiful without being too overpowering.

The soft pastel purple has been seen on designer runway shows and pastel designs always make an appearance during the spring and summer seasons. As the seasons change, not only the clothes or accessories change, but also the colors and designs you choose. Make-up colors and nail polish designs also adapt to seasonal changes, and we use more seasonal colors. If you need a color change in both your clothes, your make-up and your nails, that season is spring, and maybe it’s time to go lavender. Not only are these colors fashionable, they bring softness and individuality to your style.

14 Lovely Lavender Nail Designs

To give you some nail design inspiration, we have found 14 lovely lavender nail designs. Let’s take a glance at these designs and examine them. In this way, you can see nail designs with very different tones of lavender and brand new ideas for you that will definitely make your nails look gorgeous and attractive. We have bold designs, subtle nails, and more, so there is a manicure to suit any occasion. The lavender nail designs can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, and as it is a chic design, it would be great for special events like weddings, dinner nights, and other occasions.

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1. Blue and lavender nails: There are lots of amazing colors that match perfectly well with lavender, and the blue hue is one of those beautiful colors. You can decorate the nails with different shades of blue, but the dark tones of blue seem to work the magic better. The dark tones of blue are very close to lavender and work very well in revealing the beauty of lavender.

2. Crystal and lavender nails: The use of crystals on nails has become one of the recent and most valuable improvements in nail designs. It is extremely difficult for women to keep up with this recent trend, as these types of nails are very difficult to maintain and use. But we can see the place of lavender lies in its perfect harmony with the crystals in purple tones.

3. Ombre chrome lavender nails: Ombre is still one of the hottest nail trends, and when you combine it with a must-have color like lavender, you get one stylish manicure. To create this effect, the nail can either have a simple nude and purple ombre or a chrome effect. Nails like these are so easy to wear and they add color to your look in a low-key way.

4. Flower ombre lavender nails: As you know, ombre nails are very popular and preferred a lot. This nail design has emerged and has been consistent as a new trend in the past 10 years. These magnificent ombre nail designs can be applied to different colors, and lavender is just one of those colors.

5. Glitter and crystal lavender nails: Lavender nail designs are a very common type of design when applying glitter to the nails. You can also use shades of gray if you wish, but since lavender is a very light color, your glitter may become invisible.

6. Lavender butterfly nails: Ladies love butterflies a lot, so it’s little wonder that these lovely lavender butterfly designs have become very popular. These pretty butterfly patterns look adorable and gorgeous on long nails. You can also add bits of crystals to give the butterflies just the right highlight to make them more pretty and bold. You can make beautiful butterfly patterns to fill in these areas. 

7. Long and emoji lavender nails: Long and emoji lavender nail designs are nothing short of cute emotions on nails. Using emoji on nails is very trendy now. The biggest reason for this is that the nail has a very large surface that fits the emojis perfectly well. The nail designs on both hands are symmetrical, a different design is made on each nail, and a different expression is used.

Lavender Nail Designs
Lavender nail designs

8. Long coffin pink and lavender nails: Although it seems like the right idea to apply the light shades of pink and lavender to the nails in an ombre way, these two colors are very similar to each other and seem like the perfect decision. For this, applying such ombre designs on long coffin nails seems like the right decision. 

9. Spring lavender nails: Springtime sure sounds like the best time to go for cute lavender nail designs. A spring lavender nail design designed with flowers and green leaves is quite enough for a working woman.

10. Stylish purple nails with mermaid art: Mermaid scale stencils are such a fun, unique, and pretty design. Something stylish such as this is perfect for the summer season. For this design, two nails are sparkly lavender, two nails are light purple, and one nail has bright purple mermaid scale art.

11. Super glam coffin nails: The love for these lavender nail designs is on another level. This is because the nail design is extremely gorgeous and glam! Here we have long coffin nails and most of them are decorated with a different glitzy design. Try the whole manicure or use the purple design on all your nails. You can buy silver nail decorations and rhinestones online, and you can also stick them on at home with nail glue.

12. White and lavender nails: Here, you see a design of lavender and white separated by glitter. The nails are designed just like almond nails and are very well-groomed. The little glitter in this nail design contributes a lot to your fascination and pleasure.

13. Statement purple nails with marble art and rhinestones: Lavender can be such a soft, subtle color. But, if you do prefer bolder nail art, then this manicure shows how to wear purple in a more pronounced way. These lavender nail designs feature purple marbled nails and nails that are covered in rhinestones. Statement purple nails with marble art and rhinestones are loved by most women because of the different art used and because of the glamorous accent nail. 

14. Matte purple manicure: Matte purple manicures have become a must-have nail design. For this design, we have mid-length coffin nails that are painted in a beautiful matte lavender color. You can buy matte polishes or use a glossy nail color with a matte top coat.


Lavender nail designs can be worn by any age group. They can be long or short and also come in all sorts of shapes, lengths, and stunning designs. Usually, these are worn by women who enjoy elegant yet creative and simple manicure designs.


Lavender nail designs are simply beautiful nail designs. The designs made using lavender nail polish are truly fashionable and, at the same time, quite feminine. Many famous women are now much more insistent on choosing and flaunting their lavender nail designs. It is not a coincidence that lavender nail polish is used this season!. We all know that it is a very popular and preferred color in spring and summer.