Easylove Bloom Perfume


Easylove Bloom Perfume focusing on women’s natural pursue for beauty, it makes the romantic and sweet of perfume to the depths.



Easylove Bloom Perfume Fresh lemon makes the whole drowsy afternoon bright and clear, and quiet jasmine is awaking to the world’s perception. It seems too clear, while a little lack of romance. Thus, delicate lily and freesia with unique fragrance and velvet-like rose are floating in the milk. Silky aroma and sandalwood which is not far from, are more aromatic and sweet shining, making people addicted to this wonderful feeling.

Easylove Bloom Perfume FRAGRANCE

Top Notes:

Lemon, lily, jasmine

Heart Notes:

Lily, rose, freesia, milk

Basic Notes:

Musk, sandalwood, cypress wood incense

Product Specification:


Product Name: Bloom

Specification: 30ml

Suitable for the Group: White collar, student, youth, girl Suitable Applications: Dating, working, studying


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