Seint Makeup: All You Need to Know

Seint makeup is popular and very effective in the makeup industry. This is because the makeup is known to give a more flawless and beautiful face than you had while making the whole process easy. It is easy as the makeup takes just a few minutes to be done while you have a satisfactory result. The makeup line was first established as Maskcara Beauty in 2013 by Cara Brook, a makeup artist and beauty blogger. In 2020, Maskcara Beauty was rebranded as Seint makeup.

One thing that makes beauticians and makeup artists love seint makeup is their IIID Foundation, a better but more complicated product that is better than the highlighting and contouring we have come to know. Applying make-up is like a herculean task to some people; the whole process of contouring and highlighting your face to blend in and give you a perfect result can be stressful. In fact, some may dread making up their faces by themselves but with seint makeup, this can be made easier.


For people who have never used this brand, asking about what makes seint makeup special is common. Seint makeup IIID Foundation is not water based as some foundations are rather cream based. It is made up of four colors which blend easily with the face when applied to the correct places.

The four colors are:

1. Highlight: The highlight brightens the face and gives off a natural glow that is customized for your skin type. The cream base makes it easy for the highlight to move with the skin without breaking off.

2. Contour: Contouring brings out the natural features of the face while accentuating the facial shadows. It does not break off on the face and can work on both young and matured faces.

3. Lip + Cheek: Lip + cheek gives the cheek and lips a natural flush, it is also highly pigmented which means just a little amount is enough to give you desirable results.

4. Illuminator: This is known to make the face have a gorgeous and perfect shimmer that matches with your natural complexion. It is suitable for all skin types.

These four colors may look complex but they are very easy to be done by anyone whether a professional or a newbie to makeup. It is not only quick to put on, but it also has a high quality and attractive appearance. The foundation works with any skin tone, covers up facial circles and blemishes, and gives you a beautiful face.

The IIID Foundation is not the only pride of Seint makeup, there is an eyebrow palette, soft and easy to use makeup brushes and not forgetting a skincare line that works on transforming your skin all round.


There are so many reasons why you should go for Seint makeup like:

  • It is easy to use.
  • The price is so affordable for the quality it gives.
  • The makeup time is just between 3 to 5 minutes for your entire face makeup.
  • The makeup blends with any skin color, so it can cover up wrinkles.
  • The palettes are customized for you to choose any color of your choice.
  • The makeup lasts on the face for a long time, so you do not have to touchup.
  • There is a hydrating effect the makeup gives to the skin.
  • You only need a single layer of makeup when working with Seint makeup
  • There is an option to go natural or full coverage.
  • The foundation is cream-based.
  • Seint makeup does not oxidize your skin color
  • It is highly pigmented

You see, the usefulness of Seint makeup cannot be overemphasized, the advantages gives it an upper edge over other brands.


Another feature Seint makeup is known to have is the customized palette it comes with. The palette is not fixed but can be made to work with any skin type and tone. Each of the four colors has their own customized palettes as well.

1. Highlight: The highlight has a customizable palette that makes the makeup easy to use on the skin in different seasons. Each palette is made of high quality.

2. Lip + Cheek: The cheeks and lips will not always have the same blush on them every time so Seint made provision for times when we need different shades on our lips and cheeks by customizing the palettes. The makeup can last for 6-12 months as long as the palette is compact and organized.

3. Illuminator: There are also customizable palettes for the illuminator so that the user can switch to any shade she wants.

4. Contour: The contour is not left out, it comes in customizable palette that can be used on the skin anytime without missing out on the best result.

The four colors are not the only items with palettes, the eyeshadow does as well. The eyeshadow palette is customized in a way that you have the ones you like without having to buy palettes that have colors you will never use.

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The steps to using Seint makeup are very easy. You can follow the steps below:

1. First, apply the Seint spray on your face, it helps prolong the period of time the makeup stays on your face.

2. You can rub the aspen in the palette on your face, this is a color corrector for redness, you can apply it on all spots on your skin before the main shade.

3. Next is the contour that is applied right above the cheekbones, along your jawline and around your hairline on your forehead. Do not blend at this time.

4. Apply the main highlight shade using the blush and bronzer brush, you should blend as you go. Work around the areas with the contour so you do not mess it up.

5. The next is the brightening highlight that is used on different key areas of your face like the inner and outer corner of your eyes, the center of your chin, down the center of your nose, the center of your forehead and above your cupid’s brows. You can use your fingers to place the highlight.

6. Contour the sides of your nose, right up against where you placed the brightening highlight down the center. Make sure the two lines at the bottom of your nose are joined.

7. Use your blush and bronzer brush to gently blend everything on your face, be sure that they are thoroughly blended by using the smaller and denser end of the brush.

8. You can add bronzer to the cheeks but it is optional depending on the kind of look you want to achieve.

9. Apply the Lip + Cheek shade. Use the tail end of the brush and apply the shade on the cheeks right above your contour line. Work on the center of the lips as well with your favorite shade.

10. The last step is applying the illuminator to your cheekbones and down the center of your nose. Your makeup is done.


From the introduction of this product to the market, there have been positive reviews from people who have used the makeup. The color match quiz which must be taken by clients on their first purchase in order to give them customizable palettes, is the first thing that customers love about Seint makeup. You do not have to buy lots of shades you will never use.

The Seint Makeup IIID brush is the only brush you will use for your makeup. It may sound impossible, but the cream-based feature makes it easy to apply some of the makeup with your fingers and it will come out well.

The Seint products are gluten and paraben free, which means they can be used by anyone. It is also a good value as the palette comes with the four colors you need for a full makeup. Buying those products separately will cost a lot of money.

You can also exchange the colors if the ones you got do not really match with your face and you can also get a full refund if you do not like the products, although the refund is within 30 days and the product is lightly used.


Seint makeup is multi-level marketing or MLM. The more parties the artist hosts for the brand and the more palettes they sell, the more discounts and credits you earn to get money off of free Seint products. This is a way of generating sales and gaining visibility for the company. This does not mean that the product is bad or not worth purchasing.


Seint makeup is a good product for people who are new to makeup or those who do not like to waste lots of time, you can spend three minutes applying Seint makeup and your face will still look glam and beautiful. The steps are easy and the customizable palettes make it easy to carry around. You can order for the skin type and tone you want without buying every shade. Reviews have shown the product is worth buying, you can give it a try.