Seint Makeup Reviews: 4 Unique Reasons to Buy it

Looking beautiful has been the ultimate vanity fair of every woman right from creation. Women in ancient times applied all manner of products to their faces and skins including, bat’s blood, coal tar, dried beetles, kohl, malachite powder, etc. Thank God we are no longer in the medieval era, because the thought of these products on any woman’s face is all shades of wrong. Luckily, the twenty-first century unraveled a large range of beauty products that are far more ethical and safer than the suicidal makeup routine of our predecessors. The need for the Seint makeup reviews will help anyone interested in makeup to make the right decision.


One of such modern day beauty line inventors is the Seint Makeup Company. Founded by Cara Brook in 2013, the beauty company has a vast collection of beauty products that every woman will love to have sitting beautifully on her dressing table. Formerly known as Maskcara Beauty, Seint Makeup got a name change in 2020 to better reflect its belief that “beauty is not made or created but recognized, nurtured and preserved because everyone is a saint”.

The product line of Seint includes perfumes, foundation, eyeshadows, bronzers, lipsticks, and many other beauty tools including makeup brushes, brush holders, brush cleansers, beauty blenders, customizable pallets etcetera.

All of their products are cruelty-free which means they are developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals. Additionally, all the products are made with non-toxic ingredients so you do not have to worry about breakouts and irritations to your beautiful skin.

The beauty line founder is a makeup artist and beauty blogger who is passionate about helping women find out that they are beautiful and recognize their beauty, as well as see it in others. Being a makeup artist herself, Cara Brook’s Seint features IIID (pronounced “3D”) products that simplifies and redefines the beauty routine.

Don’t you just hate it when you sit in front of the mirror for hours to apply makeup, contouring and highlighting, only to remove it when it’s time for bed a few hours later? As tiring as the many hours beauty routine can get, applying makeup was no feat for the inexperienced previously because coming out with a face not well blended in, can make one look like you are going for the circus. 

Interestingly, the idea behind Seint Makeup is called: HAC (pronounced “hack”) or Highlight and Contour. The design behind Seint Makeup is to make it appear like you have spent hours on your makeup but really you apply the contour, highlighter and cream blush at the right places all at a go and use a brush to blend it all out. Viola!

As a result of this HAC concept, Seint IIID makeup products drastically reduces the application time and gives a more flawlessly beautiful finish even for a newbie.


As stated earlier, Seint Makeup features several beauty products but what has really given fame to the Seint Makeup line is the IIID Foundation. The foundation works with all skin tones, covers up the dark circles around your eyes and blemishes caused by previous breakouts. Seint Makeup IIID Foundation is made up of four colors which blends easily on the face when correctly applied. As sophisticated as these colors sound, they are quite easy and quick to apply on to the face. These four colors include:

1. Highlight: Highlighting helps to emphasize the areas of your face that naturally “catch the light” giving a natural glow. Because Seint is cream based, this is done effortlessly without creating creases or breaking off.

2. Contour: Contouring helps define your natural features of your face. This in turn creates the appearance of a narrower nose and chin, and higher jaw line and cheekbone.

3. Lip + Cheek: With this highly pigmented lip + cheek color, the cheek and lips are given a long lasting natural appearance.

4. Illuminator: This is to give the skin an all-over glow. Seint bestows a gorgeous and perfect shimmer on your face that matches with your natural complexion.

Seint makeup reviews


Below are some of the reviews that were gotten from the users of Seint makeup. The reviews:

A Seint makeup user named Nikki said “I am loving my new makeup. It did take some getting used to as I don’t typically wear makeup on my face but I’ve embraced it.”

Another user named Kate said “I especially love that the Seint HAC system requires just a single layer of makeup. This is a real plus for my middle-aged skin as my wrinkles are not as noticeable now without so much product build-up.”

Another Seint makeup user named Lara said “I absolutely fell in love with Seint the first time I used it. It’s easy to use, quick and affordable. The HAC system is a game changer. The cream foundation is definitely the way to go. A little goes a long way but it’s buildable as well. It does a great job evening tones, correcting tones and blending. The coverage is fantastic for feeling like you’re not wearing makeup. I love the compacts and that the brushes are double ended. The price of Seint products fits into anyone’s budget.”

Another seint makeup user said “I love my seint makeup!! I have a sensitive skin and it’s the only makeup so far that I can leave on my skin. You can cake on it, like any other makeup or not. I love the natural look of it and the natural ingredients.”


There are quite a number of reasons that will make you love using Seint Makeup.

1. EASY TO USE: One of the fascinating things about Seint Makeup is that you can achieve that glam and flawless look as quick as the word “Jack.” The average application time for Seint makeup is between 3 to 5 minutes for a full face makeup. This is so ideal for busy moms (you are not alone) or a working woman who doesn’t have a lot of time for complicated beauty routines. 

2. PRODUCTS ARE CREAM BASED, IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Unlike most regular beauty products which are powder or liquid based, Seint products are cream based. This is good because liquids tend to crease as they dry out on your face while powders resonates and highlights the wrinkles on your face. However, the cream based beauty products of Seint are crease-resistant and hydrates the skin, thus the risk of having breakouts on your skin is greatly reduced. Additionally, this is a very great option for those with sensitive skin as the products are made from natural ingredients, making irritation to the skin highly unlikely.

3. SINGLE LAYER APPLICATION: With many other products, applying makeup to get a flawless finish requires a surgical skill (lol). Say goodbye to the days of adding layer upon layer of makeup to achieve a perfect look (truthfully, the end result is far from being perfect almost always). With Seint makeup, one layer of makeup is all you need. This means your product will also last you for a longer time.

4. GOOD VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: When compared to its high end competitors, Seint products are not as pricey as they offer considerably low and reasonable amount for all the high quality beauty products they have to offer. Additionally, when you consider how much it would cost you to buy a foundation, contour, blush and illuminator separately, Seint Makeup gives you a good value for your money.


Seint makeup uses the concept of HAC (pronounced “hack”) which means Highlight and Contour. Invariably, you can highlight, contour and blush all at once in just a matter of minutes. Apart for the time it saves you during makeup routine, Seint is a good option for a number of other reasons. First, it is made with high quality natural ingredients that are non-toxic, cruelty-free and mineral free which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Secondly, Seint offers a wide range of shades to select from, so finding the perfect shade for your skin tone is easy.