Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster


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Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster is good for renewing facial skin into a youthful stage. It is 100% organic and has no side effects.

It is an effective anti-aging cream. It provides supplement nutrition and moisture to our skin in short time, strengthens skin self-repair function, smoothen fine lines, tightens the facial muscles fast and firm the facial skin as before.

This product accelerates the repair as well as the renewal of skin, promotes skin metabolism, continuously with good care and regain natural tender of the skin.

Benefits of Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster

  • It makes your facial skin tender, beautiful and younger
  • It gives skin elasticity and tenderness.
  • Very rich in appropriate ingredients to make your face supple and younger than your age.
  • It removes wrinkles, dark spots and rough patches.

A box contains 14 small ampoules and each pieces contains 0.8 ml

Direction of Use of Sealuxe Youth Genesis Intensive Booster

Use in the morning and at night after taking your bath. Pour out half content from each ampoule into your  hand and gently apply on your face and neck.

Allow it to absorb on your skin, don’t wash it off until morning for the one you applied at night. For the one you applied in the morning, wash it of in the afternoon or at night when you want to take your bath.



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