Rainbow Roll Calories: 5 Health Benefits, Risks & Recipes

Imagine taking a sushi rainbow roll with fresh fish on top and salmon with avocado. That is about 478 calories, 15 g of fat, and a whopping 33g of protein. There are also the Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins from the fish. That’s a lot of fat for you, isn’t it?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered about rainbow roll calories, here’s what you need to know. The rainbow roll is a kind of sushi rolled with avocado and cucumber and prepared with different types of fish, commonly salmon and tuna.

The rainbow roll is not cooked, but the fish may be canned and can also be replaced with slices of fruit. The tuna, salmon, and avocado are laid out on the roll, which gives it a rainbow appearance. The Rainbow roll and its filings are freshly prepared.


As it is typically made of fish, cucumbers, or avocados, every bite bursts with a fresh taste of sweetness and minerals. The rainbow roll does not have any ingredients that would make it spicy, although some may add spicy sauce to savor the extra taste. To add this sauce, you add the spice to the inner layer and roll.

Rainbow rolls are known to be a simple specialty. The inside of rainbow rolls is eaten with chopsticks as the sushi rice may tend to stick to your fingers. However, some eat with their fingers as eating with chopsticks may be challenging due to the toppings on the roll.


Rainbow rolls are very rich in proteins and healthy fats as they have rich minerals in them and different sources of seafood, and fruits. Also, they contain a considerable amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With all these being mentioned, it is safe to say rainbow roll are healthy foods. It is even considered, sometimes, to be a fattening food. A simple rainbow roll, however, is very good for your health. Below are some of the advanced health benefits of the rainbow roll as researched:

1. It lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and strokes: Due to the availability of essential minerals, rainbow roll greatly decreases the chance of heart diseases like stroke in your body.

2. It balances the healthy hormones in your body: Proteins in the roll and the absence of sugar balance the hormones and make them healthy.

3. Decreases the risk of low red blood cell count: Vitamin B12, an important ingredient in the production of red blood cells, is contained in the fruits used in the roll and thus reduces the risk of low red blood cell count in you.

4. It boosts metabolism: Calories in the roll combine with oxygen to release the energy your body requires for efficient functioning.

5. It improves blood circulation: Blood circulation is made easier with the presence of vitamin B-3, which also helps lower cholesterol levels in your body.

Rainbow roll calories


The rainbow roll is also known to have health risks if care is not taken during preparation. Below are some of the health risks of the rainbow rolls.

1. Presence of Calories: Due to the different preparations and ingredients, there is a high risk of calorie level increment. One bite with mayonnaise can also increase your calorie levels.

2. Infections prone: Fish that have not been well cleaned contain a high level of sodium, which is dangerous to your body.

3. Mercury toxicity: Fish that were taken in open water bodies are liable to mercury toxicity, which is also very dangerous to you.


Each roll consists of rice vinegar, fish sauce, fresh lime juice, rice spring roll wrappers, carrot, avocado, and raw beets, and its preparation may be time-consuming.

Rainbow roll preparation in the final stages. To make the roll, a handful of rice is cooked and cooled then the rice is flipped and rolled against the rolling mat, straightening the guts of the roll in a horizontal line. The cucumber should also be aligned across it. Roll over the mat nice and tight to hold its shape after which the roll is formed.

Cut the available fish (salmon and tuna) and fruits, and layer them alternatively atop the roll to give it a rainbow appearance. It is important to wrap the roll on the cutting board as it allows the roll to stay formed and in place. It may be cut into eight or ten pieces. The Rainbow roll also contains a certain amount of gluten-free ingredients.


The Rainbow roll is a healthy food that is eaten with friends or family, and it is really good sushi at a decent price. If the fish is fresh and the portions are normal, it is enjoyable. However, in a simple rainbow roll, there are about 478 calories, 244 calories of which are from fat. The total fat weight present in the roll is 27g which comprises saturated fat and trans fats.

The fats in a roll have a percentage value of 42%. The cholesterol weight is 79 mg and the sodium weight is 729 mg. The total carbohydrate is 41g containing dietary fiber and sugar, which makes it the highest mineral present in the roll. The protein content is 25g. Also, the rainbow roll contains vitamins A and B with a percentage value of 7% and 14%, respectively, with calcium and iron of 8% and 10% value.