Pill Lipstick: 3 Fascinating Benefits, Uses And More

pill liptick

Pill lipstick is a colored substance which people apply to their lips that comes in the form of a pill. Pill lipstick is also called capsule lipstick and it comes in different shades. Applying lipstick on the mouth is not something that can be overemphasized because of its outstanding benefits. This lipstick is not gender … Read more

Blue Opal Rings: 11 Outstanding Properties And More

Opal is one of the world’s most popular gemstones and it is the birthstone for the month of October. A good precious opal can flash all the colors of the spectrum with an intensity and quality of color that surpasses the fire of diamonds like blue opal. Beautiful blue opal rings are made out of … Read more

9 Best Antibacterial Soap For Body

Antibacterial soap for body is an easy remedy for killing germs and harmful bacteria on the skin while combating skin issues such as itchiness, skin irritation, psoriasis, acne, ringworm and body odor. BEST ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP FOR BODY Antibacterial soaps for body are beneficial to your hands, and skin. Let’s take a look at the nine … Read more

8 Best Soap For Tattoos

No doubt, we all love to have tattoos and flaunt our beautifully inked skin, it is the most satisfying experience just after getting your tattoos done. However, it’s crucial to know that maintaining a new tattoo is of utmost importance as the skin may be prone to infection, this is why you need to know … Read more

9 Best Frosted Lipstick

Frosted lipstick is basically a lipstick with a hint of shimmer in it, giving your lips a glossy and shiny look. Frosted lipstick comes in various shades that add color and fun to your daytime looks and a bit of sparkle to your evenings. While lipsticks in the 90s had more tan and pink frosted … Read more

17 Best Hair Bleach

What is hair bleaching? Hair bleaching simply means making your hair a lighter shade. If you want to make your hair a lighter shade, you would need to use a bleaching agent. Hair bleach helps you get your desired light shade. In hair bleaches, the most common used agent are Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and … Read more

25 Best Black Lipstick You Should Use

Black lipsticks, just like black jewels, clothes, shoes, cars, gadgets, etc., are exceptionally cool. It can be intimidating and dramatic, but it is worth the while and the stares. Your lips get to do the talking. A black lipstick goes well with light makeup, and it looks good on any body type. You can get … Read more

17 Best Red Hair Dye

Red is a color that stands out. It is a color that signifies love, strength, power and beauty. A red hair makes you look hot. Red shades are always amazing and stunning Ranging from the strawberry red, to ginger red, auburn red, blonde, classic and to deep wine shade you can’t go wrong with any … Read more

80s Makeup: 3 Amazing Ways To Do It

80s makeup has always been loud, colorful and creative. Remember Madonna’s brows and Grace Jones’ lips. Those were the exact look of how makeup was done in those times. Nobody wanted to wear nude lipstick or nude color eyebrows, every look must show colors and brightness.  80s makeup is slowly making its way back into … Read more