Clown Makeup: Types, Materials & Procedure

Clown Makeup

Clown makeup has grown from being used as a halloween costume to creative makeup styles. It is not uncommon to see people rocking clown makeup to themed parties, during creative makeup contests or just wearing them to scare others. Initially, clown makeup was used by performers who tell jokes, juggle oranges or do things that … Read more

10 Best Whitening Cream For Face

Best whitening cream for face

Finding the best whitening cream for face is not used to change the complexion of the face and make it fairer, it is used to remove hyperpigmentation and spots, clear facial blemishes, and even the tone of your face.  There are many factors that can make the face become darker than other parts of the … Read more

11 Best Foundation for Oily Skin

Best foundation for oily skin

Finding the best foundation for oily skin is difficult for people with oily skin in order to avoid having too much greasy or even cakey face. Foundation is one item that is the base of makeup, everyone needs foundation for their face including those with oily skin. There are thousands of foundations in stores and … Read more

Best Nail Glue

Best Nail Glue

Getting the best nail glue is the first step to achieving a long lasting and beautiful nails. For people who fix artificial nails by themselves or beauticians who are new to nail business, nail glue is the most important product needed. Nail glue are safer for the nails as they are made with ingredients that … Read more

Monster Mash Cereal

Monster Mash Cereal

Monster mash cereal is the latest cereal, is a combination of pieces from the five iconic Monster Cereals such as Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy, with the last two making a return after almost a decade. Monster Mash Cereal features berry-flavored, frosted cereal with marshmallow pieces from Count Chocula, … Read more

Seint Makeup: All You Need to Know

Seint makeup is popular and very effective in the makeup industry. This is because the makeup is known to give a more flawless and beautiful face than you had while making the whole process easy. It is easy as the makeup takes just a few minutes to be done while you have a satisfactory result. … Read more

Is Sushi Good The Next Day

Is Sushi Good The Next Day

Is sushi good the next day? Sushi is a famous Chinese dish prepared with sushi rice, seafood and vegetables as the major ingredients. Sushi can stay fresh even longer than the following day after it is made, but how long your sushi would last, largely depends on when and how you stored it. So if … Read more

3 Ballerina Tea Reviews

3 Ballerina Tea Reviews

In this post, we’ll discuss 3 Ballerina tea reviews and why many people are obsessed over this herbal tea. Ballerina tea is different from other traditional herbal teas. It’s not made from a single product but an infusion of different spices and herbs. WHAT IS 3 BALLERINA TEA? 3 ballerina tea is a herbal tea … Read more

Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese

Can you freeze cottage cheese

Can you freeze cottage cheese? Cottage cheese is a soft, lumpy white cheese made from the curds of skimmed milk. Can you freeze cottage cheese is a question with no straightforward answer and one that is mostly dependent on it’s usage after thawing. This is because, cottage cheese is a cheese that is typically perfect … Read more

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