7 Best Deodorant for Kids

Imagine how embarrassing it will be you taking your kids out for a party and then you realize your kids are being avoided all because of an unpleasant smell that is being passive from them. Am very sure that will be a bad experience you will never forget in your lifetime. That is where Deodorant … Read more

Are Poke Bowls Healthy

Are poke bowls healthy

Are poke bowls healthy? Poke bowls generally contain healthy ingredients like fish and vegetables. However, it’s important to know other essential ingredients and it preparation for a healthy consumption. What are Poke Bowls Poke bowls are made from raw marinated fish which is typically Ahi or Yellow fin tuna, that is cubed and layered up … Read more

Gluten Free Diet: All you Need to Know

Gluten free diet

A gluten free diet is a food or group of food that does not contain gluten. Many people who go on a gluten free diet avoid eating carbohydrates as most of the gluten food may also contain carbohydrates. What is Gluten Gluten is a group of protein that is natural in certain food. Despite the … Read more

9 Best Antibacterial Soap for Piercings

Antibacterial Soap for Tattoos

When it comes to taking care of your piercings, one of the most important steps in the process is to make sure you’re using the right antibacterial soap. Not all soaps are created equal, and the wrong type of soap can do more harm than good.  To help you choose the right antibacterial soap for … Read more

Blossom Cuticle Oil: Ingredients, Benefits & More

Blossom cuticle oil

How healthy and how attractive our fingernails and toenails are will greatly depend on how healthy our cuticles are! The cuticle is found at the edge of the nail plate which overlaps the fingers and toes is crescent-shaped and composed of dead epithelial cells. Some reasons why we need to care for our cuticles are: … Read more

Anabolic Diet: Everything You Need to Know

Anabolic Diet

These days, with the increasing awareness on the ugly side of body fat, the number of people who want to burn fat is rapidly increasing. Those days where a woman’s beauty and overall health was judged by her body weight are gradually fading away. And the men are not left out. Everyone now wants to … Read more


There are a few things you can do to store and preserve sourdough to keep it fresh. Sourdough bread is a delicious and healthy option for bread lovers. Its unique flavor and texture are a result of its fermentation process, which involves a combination of flour and water, along with naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria. … Read more

Mountain Dew Baja Blast seltzer

Mountain Dew Baja Blast seltzer

Mountain Dew Baja Blast seltzer is a revamp of the most beloved and preferred 2000s soft drink, its 5% ABV, 100 calories, no-sugar hard seltzer drink that tastes exactly like Mountain Dew Baja Blast which was normally gotten at Taco Bell. Mountain Dew Baja Blast seltzer is just like the other Mtn Dew hard seltzer line, it … Read more


It could be very challenging to get the Best Powder foundation for your skin type and also perfect for your skin. Foundations are especially beneficial for oily, acne-prone, or sweat-prone skin types, thanks to their ability to suck up excess moisture while simultaneously providing complexion and a subtle coverage for the skin. Foundation is perfect … Read more